Generative AI in Martech: Complement or Competition? 

It’s no secret that marketers thrive on creativity and time-saving hacks and last year saw us, and many others, begin to integrate generative artificial intelligence (GAI) tools such as ChatGPT into our daily work. As 2024 gets underway, it seems opportune to discuss what we learned in 2023 and what that means for martech and […]

AIs Assist: What ChatGPT Could Mean for Banking

Financial institutions are no strangers to cutting-edge technologies and how the latest advancements can disrupt banking’s status quo— from customer service to compliance. Artificial intelligence (AI) is just one example of this, and it’s already presenting significant opportunities for the banking industry. With the rise of AI, banks can now leverage generative language tools like ChatGPT […]

Generative AI and Indiana’s Tech Community

The world is abuzz with chatter about generative artificial intelligence (AI) and how new tools, such as ChatGPT, can be leveraged to help generate ideas, create new work products and even complete simple tasks.   Many businesses, including those in the Indiana tech community, are in the early stages of exploring the ways generative AI can […]

‘We give power to marketers’: CEO Joanna Milliken on how Emarsys is driving smart growth in 2023

Since being purchased by SAP 2.5 years ago Emarsys still calls Indianapolis home, running its North American Headquarters from Market Tower. The leading omnichannel customer engagement platform is making waves with its speed of growth, expanding a customer base that already includes world-famous brands in Gibson Guitars and Estée Lauder, alongside industry disruptors such as […]

Indiana Needs to Lead the Nation in Digital 4.0 

The industrial revolutions have been powering transformational changes in human society for centuries. In fact, we are on the fourth industrial revolution powered by artificial intelligence, commonly known as the Industry 4.0. Each revolution was marked by clear and identifiable technological advances that resulted in higher outputs in goods and services and in workforce productivity:  […]

Beyond the obvious – Luddy School pushes innovation and opportunity

“We can be nimble,” says Joanna Millunchick, the Luddy School dean and a professor of intelligence systems engineering. “We can do things in ways that are needed rather than the way they’ve always been. We can be more responsive to what is happening around us.”  Convention has no place for Millunchick, who arrived in July […]
Tech ethics has never been more important for your team

If tech ethics is an afterthought, you’re taking too big of a risk 

On Friday, Twitter closed offices in London and other locations and started laying off parts of its workforce. Among the first to go was the company’s entire ethics staff, including its celebrated Ethical AI team and recent TechPoint keynote speaker James Loduca, now the former VP of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.  This move would […]

Salesforce launches AI-powered Einstein Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is more than just the latest fad or buzz-phrase du jour of the business-to-business world; it’s the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) and other new and existing technologies to achieve a level of one-to-one sales and marketing that surpasses what was possible just a few years ago. “ABM has been around for […]