New Trust-Building Exercise: Digital Transformation

When it comes to modern governance, trust has emerged as a pivotal cornerstone in shaping the relationship between businesses and their customers, as well as citizens and their governments. While digital transformation was traditionally associated with upgrading systems for efficiency, a recent Deloitte study presents an alternative perspective. This study underscores the profound connection between […]

The State of Emerging Technologies

Even though I’m a technologist and a software engineer, I’m a creator at heart. What gets me excited is creating new things and helping people benefit from the new things we create together. Thanks to Emerging Technologies, there’s never been a more exciting time to create. And there’s never been a wider array of tools […]

SEP built a forever home that others now see as their home office, too 

When a majority of the Indiana tech community adopted remote work in 2020, software product design and development firm SEP started building a world-class headquarters in Westfield that would more than double its space.   In 2021, when many of those companies had decided to go permanently remote or hybrid, SEP brought its full team back […]

Business partners System Scale and Growth Heroes win ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Award for digital transformation  

Indianapolis-based business partners System Scale and Growth Heroes won the Digital Transformation Award during TechPoint’s 24th annual Mira Awards gala honoring the best of tech in Indiana. Technology is everywhere these days. It plays an oversized role in an organization’s success whether it’s in the life sciences, advanced manufacturing and logistics, energy or agbiosciences sector, […]
A banner from Purdue University of Astronaut Sirisha Bandla (Purdue '11).

How Purdue is investing in connectivity innovation for the future

More than 63,000 faculty, staff and students rely on Purdue’s wireless network for teaching, learning, research and entertainment annually. On the West Lafayette campus alone, there are approximately 100,000 unique devices connected to the wireless network daily, with 4.6 million logins to the wireless system each day.    Purdue Information Technology (Purdue IT) is continuously innovating to ensure […]

IU Health wins Large Enterprise of the Year Mira Award

IU Health won the award for Large Enterprise of the Year during TechPoint’s 23rd annual Mira Awards gala honoring the best of tech in Indiana.  Headquartered in Indianapolis, IU Health is Indiana’s largest and most comprehensive healthcare system with 16 hospitals and 36,000 employees. Healthcare workers were heroes of the pandemic. IU Health demonstrated that […]

Meet the Innovation of the Year Nominees for the 2022 ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards

Honoring scientific achievements, R&D efforts, and other trailblazing discoveries that have the potential to change industries In 2022, innovation is something we rely on and need now more than ever to solve new and existing challenges. True innovation doesn’t go with the flow or by the book; it challenges the status quo and pushes boundaries […]

Rolls-Royce is winning big through digital transformation, continuous innovation

The world class engineering and manufacturing bonafides of a 117-year-old company like Rolls-Royce are time-honored and unquestioned. But does the aerospace and defense company come to mind when thinking about top tech companies in the great state of Indiana? If you had asked me a month ago to list the tech companies in the area […]