Finding 10,000 ways that won’t work: part two

In the last part of his four-part innovation series, Allegion’s Matt O’Dell shares how Allegion is promoting “permission-less innovation” and is creating a space that celebrates and learns from failure.

Improving your revenue function

In this republished white paper, Accelerant Consultants founder and owner Greg Stanley dives into the key levers within a company's revenue-generating function and raises the questions company leaders should ask to ensure they're maximizing their efforts.

A bold pivot helped One Click start a whole new growth trajectory

One Click took big risks that paid off following tectonic shifts in search engine optimization (SEO) that spelled disaster for many dot com retailers five to six years ago. Those bold moves set the "world's most people-focused eyewear company" on a new journey of growth and success.

Tech taking its rightful place at the boardroom table

Virtusa's Senior VP and Indianapolis Center Head Mark Ohrvall asserts the importance of agility in businesses of all sizes as pressures to be innovative increase and how access to high-quality innovation partners has opened up to more companies in Indiana.

Will Salesforce’s ‘change the world’ equality approach influence Indy CEOs?

What does it mean to have equality as one of your business’ core values? For Salesforce, equality as a core value is not a PR campaign. Salesforce wouldn’t be “Salesforce” without it.

How becoming an AWS partner led Trek10 to find new talent and customers

In February 2018, Trek10 earned their designation as an AWS MSP Partner, which has given a scale-up in South Bend the credibility afforded to multinational tech firms with respect to managing AWS tools and resources for their consulting partners.

EduSource creates custom software and next gen leaders, developers

EduSource provides custom software solutions that solve big problems clients, but according to Jason Beutler, president of EduSource, their real product is building leaders and the next generation of software developers.

Finding 10,000 ways that won’t work: part one

In part three of his four-part innovation series, Matt returns to the source of inspiration for “the compass, then the map” philosophy to explore the relevance of innovation to our tech community and how companies like Allegion can incorporate "permission-less innovation" into their project teams.