What happens after getting funded: reporting to investors

We interviewed three Indiana tech company CEOs to ask them about the process and effort of providing reports to their investors. Their companies have all taken on institutional investments.

Will Salesforce drive customer success in the fourth industrial revolution?

Salesforce sees the fourth industrial revolution to represent profound change and major societal transformation, which will shape and shift how customers buy products and how marketers sell them.

Fast-growing SupplyKick boldly prepares to be nation’s largest retailer

You may have already done business with Indianapolis-based online marketplace retailer SupplyKick. The fast-growing scale-up company represents 100 brands and thousands of products on Amazon as well as other marketplaces like WalMart.com and eBay.

Newest $2.1 million funding round fueling Costello’s rise to ‘brand of choice’

By the time the sales enablement software category matures, Indianapolis-based Costello could emerge as the brand of choice.

Salesforce Connections attracts Indy’s marketing tech players

It has been five years since the acquisition of ExactTarget by Salesforce, a $2.5 billion statement that dramatically changed Indianapolis’ tech ecosystem. ExactTarget’s Connections event was part of that catalyst for growth, and its essence continues through Salesforce Connections.

Tips for stellar internships

Based on experience with scores of interns over the years, Brian offers suggestions for making your internships a success for everyone involved.

Venture Capital Series: What’s it like to be a venture analyst?

Meet two new up-and-coming venture analysts, Nathan Hahn and David Steckler with Elevate Ventures. As venture analysts, they are responsible for focusing on market research and investment due diligence for prospective companies, as well as secondary engagement in providing solutions for existing portfolio companies.

Venture Capital Series: What does a venture analyst do?

Jackie DiMonte serves as a venture analyst at Hyde Park Venture Partners where she spends her time evaluating companies, performing deal work and coordinating the firm’s data and reporting processes. With headquarters in Chicago and Indianapolis, the firm has a number of Indiana tech companies in their portfolio including Bolstra, DemandJump, Vibenomics and Sigstr. We asked Jackie, a Sr. Associate based in the Chicago office, a few questions about what it means to be a venture analyst.