Envisage Technologies

Envisage Technologies is a software solutions provider for federal, state, and local public safety agencies and professionals.

Company Description

Envisage Technologies' purpose is squarely focused on law enforcement and public safety, because lives are at stake, and the big, complex, yet-to-be-solved problem in that space is fragmentation — an inability of the right people to access the right information at the right time to effectively respond to crises. Using an Agile development process, we help federal, state, and local public safety agencies increase their readiness through more effective training management and resource tracking, and the benefits of solving fragmentation can’t be understated: government agencies will be stronger and more efficient, communities will be safer, and lives will be saved. We know that because that future we saw years ago is already being embraced by hundreds of thousands of law enforcement and public safety professionals across the U.S.

Inside the organization, our culture is more than just a natural byproduct of what we share (like our common purpose, beliefs, processes and language). It’s also a byproduct of our priorities, particularly in how we relate to each other and our clients. So our culture is largely shaped by the attributes of trust, collaboration, flexibility, and focus. Our community breeds respect, honesty, transparency, and trust, recognizes the importance of close relationships both inside and outside the office, and strives to provide each employee with a career that he or she finds fulfilling.