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Remodel Health

Remodel Health is the health benefits software for employers that helps you save money and care better for your team.
Healthcare Technology , HR Technology

Prevounce Health, Inc.

Software-based programs that make preventive care, CCML, and RPM easier to prep for, perform, document, and bill.
Healthcare Technology , Technology/Services

Hodei Technology

Hodei Technology is a SaaS/PaaS company focused on the development and deployment of real-time virtual telepresence solutions.
Communications Technology , Healthcare Technology

Indigo BioAutomation

Indigo BioAutomation provides automated data analysis, data management and data integration solutions to life science markets.
Analytics , Healthcare Technology


Hillrom's comprehensive product and service offerings are used by health care providers across the health care continuum and globally.
Healthcare Technology , Mobile App Technology

Prosolia, Inc.

Prosolia's products elminate the bottleneck in life science research and chemical analysis by enabling direct automated analysis of samples.
Healthcare Technology , Imaging Technology

Solstice Medical, LLC

Real-Time Actionable Intelligence for Surgical, Clinical and Supply Chain Workflow Applications
Healthcare Technology
Columbia City


Olio is a Indiana headquartered SaaS company in the healthcare technology industry.
Ag Technology , Healthcare Technology

Method Procurement Technologies

Method is a SaaS company that helps dental practices save thousands a year in scalable spend management.
Healthcare Technology , Procurement Technology

Harmony Healthcare IT

We partner with providers to safeguard patient data, ensure cash flow and increase productivity.
Big Data/Analytics , Healthcare Technology
South Bend


aiSurveillance platform that applies AI to patient medical records to ensure post-market product safety for medical device manufacturers.
Big Data/Analytics , Healthcare Technology

First Coast Neurosciences

First Coast Neurosciences is a medical neuroscience practice located in Jacksonville, FL co-founded by Erin Doty and his wife.
Ag Technology , Healthcare Technology

Enterprise Health

Enterprise Health is a leading provider of occupational health software to large corporations, health systems and government agencies.
Accounting + Tax Prep Services , Healthcare Technology
Fort Wayne

RCR Technology

RCR has an expansive portfolio of industry-relevant services and capabilities surrounding Data Management, Security and Workflow.
Government Technology , Healthcare Technology

Vasc-Alert, LLC

Vasc-Alert, LLC was formed in 2002. FDA clearance was obtained in 2003, 2004
Big Data/Analytics , Healthcare Technology
West Lafayette

Antidote Technologies

Antidote is a digital health company on a mission. Our aim is to accelerate the breakthroughs of new treatments by bridging the gap between
Ag Technology , Healthcare Technology


With over 25 years in the pharmacy fulfillment business, we have invented and developed a suite of leading-edge pharmacy automation and soft
Business Productivity Software , Healthcare Technology

Regenstrief Institute

Regenstrief Institute Inc., is an international leader in electronic medical records and healthcare data integration.
Healthcare Technology , University


LifeOmic is the precision health and wellness software company that covers the entire healthcare continuum from prevention to management.
Big Data/Analytics , Healthcare Technology

Embark EMR

Embark EMR started as a solution for a small Indy-based therapy clinic, but grew to a valuable tool for therapists.
Consumer Technology , Healthcare Technology