More than 20 current and former Fortune 500 company executives and entrepreneurs continue to seek investment opportunities with Indiana startups

HALO Capital Group, a TechPoint Ventures early stage funding organization, meets every 60 days to formally consider two startups for potential investment. Selected plans that are screened in advance through the Halo deal selection process, which begins with startups submitting an aplication.

HALO Application

HALO Capital Group invests in high-growth tech-based Indiana companies. The group's online application process is the starting point for consideration.

Entrepreneurs can expect a thorough examination and, occasionally, an investment from some of central Indiana's most accomplished entrepreneurs. The group recently reached the $18 million mark investing in Indiana startups.

"HALO members are looking for growing startups that are generating some revenue from a target market," said Jim Jay, president and CEO of TechPoint and TechPoint Ventures. "From software and software-as-a-service developers to hardware firms, we are looking for opportunities statewide and we encourage Hoosier entrepreneurs to submit their plans through our website."

HALO Capital Group — Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to present to HALO Capital Group?
No, there are no fees for an entrepreneur to apply or present.

Does HALO invest as a singular fund (one check)?
Yes, HALO does invest as one entity

What's the typical size of an investment?
HALO investments range from $250,000 to $2,000,000.

Does HALO invest outside of Indiana?
No, HALO does not usually invest outside of Indiana. We invest in deals close to our Indiana homes.

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