Speed is critical with startups, and so are talent and funding. So this Friday at TechPoint's Entrepreneur Bootcamp presented by Ice Miller, the sponsors and partners are coming together to offer the winners of the pitch competition $12,000 in funding and services. 

Entpreneur Bootcamp Pitch Competition Prizes

  • $5,000 in Legal Services from Ice Miller
  • $1,000 Consulting Package from Milestone Advisors
  • $2,000 Venture Coaching from DeveloperTown

    • Two $1,000 packages for 1st and 2nd place including idea, business model, and product plan vetting
  • $4,000 Cash to first and second, each – Winner and 2nd.

    • Two $2,000 packages for 1st and 2nd place

Upon arrival at Entrepreneur Bootcamp, attendees will self-identify whether or not they will be participating in the pitch competition. It is not a requirement, but everyone will get a chance to practice their pitching skills as part of their table groups during the bootcamp.

The first round of the competition will take place following the "HOW DO IT PITCH IT? presentation by Nicole Wallace & Jim Schulz of Milestone Advisors. Each table group, a small group of six people, will take turns practicing their two-minute startup pitches and offering each other peer feedback. Our subject matter experts and advisors will be on hand to answer questions and help with refining the pitches. Each table group will select its own winner to move on the the next round.

The next round is the SEMI-FINALS. Each table winner will advance to a quadrant of the Launch Fishers space to compete with other table winners. Again, our subject matter experts and advisors will assist with getting each two-minute pitch to its maximum potential. 

Winners from the SEMI-FINALS will move on to the FINAL FOUR. Each finalist will have 10 minutes to give their two-minute pitch before the judges, and then expand on any elements they wish and answer any questions the judges may have.

While the judges deliberate on who will win the pitch competition, ASK THE EXPERTS CORNERS AND COCKTAIL RECEPTION will be taking place in the event space at Launch Fishers.  Topics include:

  • Funding (HALO Capital/TechPoint, Mike Langellier and Angel Investors)
  • Legal (Ice Miller Representatives)
  • Strategy (Doug Allgood, Milestone Advisors)
  • Marketing Testing (Shawn Schwegmann, MaxTradein)
  • Product Development (Frank Dale and Michael Cloran, DeveloperTown)

The winner of the pitch competition will be announced at 4:50 p.m., just before VOICE OF A VETERAN, featuring, Jeff Hoffman, Priceline.com Founding Member; Ubid.com Cofounder; ColorJar.com Cofounder; and Cofounder and Mentor of VentureCamp.

But wait! There's still more …

All TechPoint Entrepreneur Bootcamp attendees are invited to attend the ‘Lemonade Day’ @VentureCamp Cocktail Party & Fundraiser. For just a $20 donation to Lemonade Day at the door, you can help celebrate the OFFICIAL launch of VentureCamp’s first 3 businesses: PlanSoon, Tournative and YumDom.
Cap off a day of intense and exciting startup thought leadership by mingling with an exclusive and savvy cross-section of Indianapolis' entrepreneurial community from investors, business leaders, and government officials to hackers, hipsters and hustlers. Plus, it's a great cause — Lemonade Day Indianapolis — so make sure you have $20 cash on you and pick up the directions to Kessler Mansion before you leave bootcamp.