Andy Brockett of AllegientThe golden ticket in 2011 will belong to those organizations that understand the fast track to growing a sustainable competitive advantage is directly linked to improving and investing in their Relationship Management strategy and supporting technologies. Although competitive advantage is defined and measured in numerous ways, the companies that are answering their consumers and employees demands to create unique and engaging relationships are the ones attracting, winning and retaining loyal advocates for their brand.

However, the continual evolution of social media, mobility and improved web technologies radically challenges traditional relationship management strategies as consumers and employees are enabled now more then ever to interact with your brand, for good or for bad, 24/7 and at lighting speed. In order to create innovative ways to meet their consumer and employee demands for engaging, interactive experiences, many organizations became early adopters of social networking and mobility platforms for internal and external communications and have indeed found a “competitive advantage” in several areas as the McKinsey’s Quarterly stated in their Dec 2010 issue, The rise of the networked enterprise. McKinsey reported that of the organization’s that are leveraging social networking to improve customer relations, 50% reported increased customer satisfaction, 63% reported increased marketing effectiveness and 24% reported increasing revenue.

So, the real question when evaluating emerging business technology and your relationship management plan for 2011 is two-fold … 1) How and where are you engaging your customers and employees to help you define truly interactive experiences so their ideas can be heard and put into action?, and 2) Do you have the right technology, and staff in place to manage it, to collect, analyze and convert multiple sources of information into actionable knowledge that allows you to react quickly to their requests with bona fide personal experiences?

Join the conversation March 1 at the Indianapolis Hilton North for The New Era of Relationship Management, a half day event designed for business and technical executives to quickly gain high level insights into these evolving technology business trends and new tools being released in 2011 that can help you improve your approach to relationship management. Expert presentations and panel discussions will include Indiana tech sector executives from ExactTarget, Allegient, CWR Mobility, Scribe and Microsoft. Keynote speaker, Jeff Rohrs, ExactTarget’s Principal of Marketing Research will also reveal recent results from their acclaimed research series, Subscribers, Fan & Followers.

Take your relationship management from good to great in 4 hours. Make time March 1 and be apart of the technology sector trends discussion. Info and Registration:

Name: Andy Brockett
Company: Allegient
City: Indianapolis
State: IN