There are 302 million users tweeting 500 million tweets per day. Instagram has 300 million users posting 70 million photos per day.  Facebook still leads the pack with almost 1 billion daily active users posting, sharing, liking, and commenting constantly. That’s a ton of data. With so much activity and so much information coming from social media, it can get confusing and frustrating to figure out the right way to analyze that data.

So what is the answer? Join me at Go Inbound Marketing 2015 on June 22, in Indianapolis to hear my answer — (hint – it’s all about location).

There are limitless ways to use this data, but here are my top three:

Go local.

Research shows that 74 percent of social chatter cannot be discovered with hashtag and keyword monitoring. To understand the social signals, it is imperative to analyze Location Analytics (since keywords and hashtags alone cannot provide that insight).

Get the feel of a place.

Sentiment analysis based on location can not only determine what customers are feeling, but can tell organizations exactly which locations show differences in sentiment. Targeting an area with positive sentiment indicators can be more effective for marketing efforts, while identifying locations with negative sentiments might help in establishing tailored strategies to improve customer perception.

A picture is worth a thousand . . . dollars?

Six percent of posts solely include images or videos without any text at all. The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” still holds true today. Location data can fill in the gap, and help convert location-based insights into ROI. Knowing when and where a photo was posted in addition to the photo content itself can prove to be more valuable than the caption a user might have included. Understanding what is going on in the area of a post can indicate the motive, behavior, and situation surrounding the post — all information that could be overlooked without the specific location data provided.

The volume of social media posts can be overwhelming. Use location to separate the signals from the noise and monitor social media in a way that is actionable to your organization.

Want more guidance on how to use location data? Be sure to hear my talk at this year’s Go Inbound event. Also check out Geofeedia’s Geosocial Marketer’s Roadmap for turn-by-turn directions on how to use location-based social media data.


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More About R.J. Talyor

RJ_speaker-02-1R.J. Talyor leads product strategy and marketing efforts as the VP of Products at Geofeedia, the leading location-based social media intelligence platform. Prior to Geofeedia, R. J. led product teams at ExactTarget, served as a board member of the Mobile Marketing Association has been recognized as a finalist for Junior Achievement’s “Indy’s Best and Brightest” award and is a frequent speaker at industry events including SXSW, Mobile World Congress, DMA and at Advertising Week.