Torchlite, a software-as-a-service based marketplace that connects businesses to experts who build, manage and optimize digital marketing campaigns, launches the first-ever digital marketing platform powered by an on-demand talent marketplace.

On March 22, the company released significant updates to its platform based on months of conversations with clients, account managers and “Torchliters” — the company’s vetted digital marketing specialists. Those conversations discussed the widening gap between digital marketing tools and the talent who can use them. While businesses understand the importance of effective digital marketing, software alone cannot execute great campaigns. The difficulty lies in finding and hiring the people who can use the tools successfully.

Results from a 2015 study by Econsultancy reveal that digital marketing has indeed become too complex for many organizations to use effectively. Among the top reasons preventing companies from investing in digital marketing, 24 percent of respondents cited a “lack of understanding about digital,” and 35 percent reported a “lack of staff to make the most of any digital investment.”

Here’s how it works.

With its Torchlite Marketplace, Torchlite brings tech and talent together, enabling businesses to plan, execute and analyze digital marketing campaigns from a simple, unified dashboard. Businesses use the platform to tap into on-demand, highly trained digital marketing talent. They are assigned project managers who support and coordinate campaigns, giving businesses complete access to this proprietary platform and complete visibility to track their marketing goals.

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