This is the first article in a series by Indiana contributors associated with Splunk who are using the software to achieve better outcomes through data.

Splunk. What an odd name, right? At surface level, certainly! The name, however, is based on the activity of Spelunking. Just as we may spelunk through Mammoth Cave or a randomly discovered cavern in southern Indiana, we must spelunk, discover, and optimize our data adventure.

When referencing data, it is not just the data we are aware of, that we have in a data base, (cough … very large Excel spreadsheet), or have siloed in many different tools. The data being referenced includes unstructured and structured data, known and unknown data, untapped and unutilized data from any source.

Bringing data to everything is a provocative idea—every decision, every action, every question, every desired outcome. Ideas are great. Doing is even better. Doing is also more difficult.

Whether one is turning data into doing as an individual or for an enterprise organization, turning data to doing is challenging for an infinite number of reasons. There are cultural barriers, resource constraints, and often no clear path to achieve the desired outcomes from these great ideas.

It can be overwhelming to consider all data available across devices, systems, applications, and interactions. On top of that, most of the time is spent managing that data rather than putting it to work for an individual or for organizations. However, when we bring data to everything, anything is possible.

Similar to the journey through a cave, we must take that first step. And shining a light on the otherwise dark pathway ahead makes that first step a more confident, informed one.

An information technology leader recently said their organization is data rich and information poor. We have innovators in the state of Indiana shining light on that otherwise dark path by turning data into actionable information.

Over the next couple months, we will observe useful ways Indiana residents and organizations are turning data into successful outcomes. In doing so, we will learn about insights gained, improvements realized in customer and patient experiences, increased operational efficiencies, competitive advantages, and more secure environments.

All of these outcomes are being achieved through leveraging data. And they are being delivered by what we endearingly deem Data Doers.

Looking across Indiana’s top industries – from manufacturing to healthcare, financial services to retail, energy to academia—everything can be made more efficient or productive with data.

Together, we will see how amazing individuals and entities in our own backyard are optimizing their data and turning it into actionable outcomes.

How are you putting data to work for good within your organization, community, or life? #INDataDoers