Don’t just watch the race, feel it with Verizon INDYCAR Mobile!

With the historic 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 just around the corner, Verizon IndyCar Series fans are eager to experience all of the action surrounding the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” Verizon has found a way to make that experience all the more real for race fans flocking to Indy from all around the country with the Verizon INDYCAR Mobile app.

Steve Van Dinter, PR Manager of Verizon Great Lakes Market, joined a room full of techies and social media representatives alike at the most recent Indy Social Media Breakfast to talk about how Verizon INDYCAR Mobile app has redefined the way fans experience not only the Indy 500, but racing as a whole.

The INDYCAR Mobile app puts race fans in the driver’s seat and allows them to take control of the information they access throughout the race. Verizon employs 20 staff members exclusively dedicated to managing the 400,000 GB/second of data that the app uses to stream a live feed of 42 cameras capturing race action at any given time. All mobile app users enjoy features such as:

  • A real-time leaderboard with running order
  • A championship “points as they run” leaderboard
  • Optional notification alerts when Verizon IndyCar Series races start and end, and for breaking news
  • Current track weather and forecast
  • Favorite driver and team selection for quicker access to follow
  • Exclusive video-on-demand race highlights, driver interviews, INDYCAR 101 & technologies, historical race footage, and more
  • Breaking news and photo galleries
  • Standings, race results, schedule, and race extras such as high-resolution track map images and spotter guides
  • Driver/team profiles and INDYCAR-related social media feeds
Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.52.22 PM
Screenshots of the real-time and “points as they run” leaderboards available on the app.

Some features of the mobile app are only available to Verizon customers, such as:

  • Unique on-track video streaming/TV linear multicast video streaming
  • The ability to follow the race in real-time with the Interactive 3D track, including car telemetry and 2D real-time car tracking during races
  • Live in-car camera video streaming for select drivers during Verizon IndyCar Series races
  • Live driver to pit crew radio transmissions during races
  • Live Advance Auto Parts INDYCAR Radio Network audio streaming during all track activities
Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.51.53 PM
3D Live video streaming only available on the app to Verizon customers.

Van Dinter estimates that approximately 6 terabytes of data will be used by attendees within the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on race day alone. To combat the problem that fans know all too well of slow or unavailable cell phone service and data at large sports gatherings, Verizon developed LTE Multicast.

“With LTE Multicasting, we have set aside a channel across the entire United States that allows for this broadcast to go across. Streams are coming from these vehicles in HD, whether there is one person tapping into it or 100 million people tapping into it, allowing for instant access to content with no buffering,” Van Dinter says confidently.

Don’t just watch the race, feel it with Verizon INDYCAR Mobile and download the app for iOS or Android today.