Daniel Herby Daniel Herndon

CEO and Founder
redwall LIVE

It sounds like a few steps above marketing 101 but it’s actually a great way to increase ROI.

As a digital marketing firm in the Indiana tech sector, just like the cobbler’s shoes, our marketing has been less than it could be because of our preoccupation with clients. In June we had a record month. Our sales were higher than ever, but we were $501 away from a perfect round number … so we decided we would create an email campaign based on that number to cap off the record month of sales.

Marketing 501

redwall LIVE’s Marketing 501 campaign has helped the digital marketing firm earn a total of four new clients since the effort began in June 2011.
In only 2 hours – with 3 hours left to spare to the month – we ended up designing an original email, coding it and sending it out to our database. This flash marketing campaign resulted in a successful response from a startup company that purchased the offer, and several positive responses from customers and contacts congratulating us for our growth.

We decided that each month (for a little while, at least) we would do a $501 deal to end the month out with a special limited time offer. In July, we featured a simple video we did for a sponsorship with the regional economic development group Indy Partnership.

Play redwall LIVE Video

Here’s why we believe this campaign is working well for us:

1. Highlighting a project we did and show our work
2. Connecting with customers and prospects in an interesting way
3. Giving startups and other small-budget businesses the opportunity to try our services
4. Succeeding in securing 4 new paying clients from the campaign so far …

Daniel Herndon is founder and CEO of redwall LIVE, Experiential Marketing an Indianapolis marketing firm that creates campaigns, strategies and tools for relationship marketing. Daniel was named in Indianapolis Business Journal’s 2011 “Forty Under 40” featuring local business and professional leaders who have achieved success and excelled in their field before the age of 40. He is also authoring “Facebook All In One For Dummies” on Wiley Publishing.