Heavyweights OfficeThe WSJ.com initiated a new section called In Charge that focuses on the challenges of entrepreneurs managing their businesses. They kicked off the section with a slide show about THE HEAVYWEIGHTS, an Indianapolis company that makes its colorful home in the old Stutz auto factory.

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CEO John Luginbill says the message from the space is simple: you could spend a fortune on office decor but doing it on a shoestring shows clients your commitment to creativity.

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By WSJ Staff

Today we launched a new series: Workplace of the Day, which will showcase new, different or creative small businesses.

Similar to the real-estate section’s House of the Day, this occasional feature will offer a window into work spaces throughout the country. You’ll see nontraditional settings, creative decoration, or just plain interesting use of space. Plus, discover how the businesses went about making these places their very own.

For the first installment, we peak inside the Indianapolis office of Heavyweights Inc., a $10 million marketing and consulting company. Previously an automotive factory, the company renovated the 11,000-square foot property for $250,000, and it used raw materials, such as scrap sheet metal for the trim, to save money.

“We could’ve afforded to go the traditional office-furnishings route, but it would have sent the wrong message both to our employees and our clients,” says John Luginbill, chief executive officer and founder. “It would’ve said you solve problems by spending.”

The company also functions differently than most. Its 30 full-time employees typically participate in meetings while standing up and they’re required to change desks every four to six months. The moving process encourages employees to shed excess materials and start anew with clutter-free workspaces.

A distinct piece of décor in the office is a replica of a human-size foot sculpture originally designed in 1969 by artist Gaetano Pesce. “It just disturbs people,” says Mr. Luginbill. “People do their best thinking when they’re uncomfortable. There needs to be things that are disruptive, that make you uncomfortable enough to think differently.”

To recommend a small business for Workplace of the Day, please send up to two photos, a brief company description and contact information to sarah.needleman@wsj.com.

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