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Today, employers in Indiana are battling globally for the same tech workers as Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, Netflix and other household name brands. It’s a hyper competitive talent market further complicated by post-pandemic “new normals”, the Great Resignation, inflation and a looming possible recession. Tech leaders and hiring managers need better tools and intelligence to win each tech talent battle.

In order to attract and retain the talent necessary to fuel excellence and innovation, Hoosier employers must have relevant and current market data for the Indiana tech community. This data serves as a starting point in building a framework for making confident and competitive total rewards and compensation decisions.

View our free Total Rewards: Indiana Tech Trends Report to learn about the ranges for base pay and total cash compensation (TCC) for the following 10 job titles: 

  1. Associate/Junior Developer 
  2. Business/Data Analyst 
  3. Business Development Representative 
  4. Cloud Administrator 
  5. CRM/Salesforce Administrator 
  6. Cybersecurity Specialist 
  7. IT Support Technician 
  8. Product Owner 
  9. Project Manager 
  10. Software Developer 

Market Data You Can Trust

Our free, 70-page Total Rewards: Indiana Tech Trends Report is brought to you through a unique partnership between TechPoint, Indiana’s nonprofit tech ecosystem growth accelerator, and NFP, Indiana’s community-minded, locally rooted benefits and compensation advisory firm with a quarter century of brand equity and client success stories.

Getting to Know the Authors

Downloading the report is a great starting point that offers you the advantage of local market data and intelligence upon which you can build your own total rewards program. NFP can be engaged to benchmark specific senior or other positions for your company for an additional investment, if desired.

Laura Butler

NFP, Vice President & Consultant

Amos Haffner

NFP, Vice President, Employee Communications

Megan Nail

NFP, Vice President, Total Rewards Practice

Ready to download the report?

Employers with the best information are winning the battle for talent. Download our 70-page Total Rewards: Indiana Tech Trends Report to access relevant and current market data for the Indiana tech community.

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