Editor’s Note: Every tech company knows attracting and retaining top talent is a crucial issue in the tech world. Throughout this year we are taking a look at how Indiana’s tech sector is taking an innovative approach to helping reach TechPoint’s Mission41K goal of growing the state’s tech workforce by 41,000 people by 2030. 

Celigo, which helps companies integrate the world’s best cloud applications, is addressing the talent issue with a pipeline to bring in new talent and also help the professionals already on our team find their best growth path. 

The Celigo Rotational Trainee Program was created in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in July 2021 and is designed to produce product experts and deploy them into various departments within the company. The six-month program is an investment in creating teammates who are intimately knowledgeable about multiple aspects of our company; experts who will fuel the growth of internal product knowledge and assist our customers with a deep and diverse insight.  

Strengthening your team’s tech talent pipeline is a worthwhile investment 

“Our Rotational Trainee Program has exceeded all expectations,” said Celigo Founder and CEO Jan Arendtsz. “Every team leader who has deployed rotational trainees speaks highly of the caliber of talent.” 

The program produces Celigo team members who are ready to tackle any number of challenges, and also helps its graduates grow their leadership skills.  

“What attracted me to the program was the ability to have a place to learn with real, hands-on experience,” said Liv Durham, a current rotational trainee.

Liv Durham, rotational trainee with Celigo
Liv Durham
Rotational Trainee, Celigo
“It’s also refreshing to be able to go through different departments to get a feel for what I actually want to do, rather than be stuck in something I’m not sure is the right fit for me.” 

Trainees rotate for anywhere from two to six weeks through pre-sales and post-sales teams as they develop an in-depth understanding of how the Celigo platform is used to optimize  customers’ business functions. At the conclusion of the program, graduates are invited to join the team with a permanent role.  

Celigo Associate Solutions Consultant Brent Creech became part of Celigo’s solutions consulting team after graduating from the Rotational Trainee Program in July 2022.  

Brent Creech, Celigo
Brent Creech
Associate Solutions Consultant, Celigo
“I will be forever grateful to have been in the program, as it catapulted my professional career as a Solution Consultant.”

“Not only did the program provide me with internal knowledge about Celigo and what we do as an organization, but it also provided me with a plethora of soft skills that I have been able to carry over into my new role,” he said. 

Creech went on to win the Solution Consultant of the Month for August 2022, just two months after joining the team full-time. His success is a testament to how the program lends itself to a quick ramp up and value for the team almost immediately, says Arendtsz 

To-date, the program has produced 15 successful graduates and full-time members of the Celigo team, including Creech.  

“The program really represents Celigo’s commitment to our values,” Arendtsz said. “We are constantly looking to improve and find the excellence that exists in all of us. Through purpose-driven activity, engaging conversation, and professional camaraderie, Celigo has built a program that is creating the next generation of leaders in the business automation space.” 

“The premise was to have lots of young talent enabled to build flows on the platform readily available to deploy across the organization. It was a dream back then, and now it’s a reality.” 

Building the future of Indiana tech talent, inclusively 

Our hope is that reality will shine as an example to other members of the tech community of the power of investing in your talent attraction pipeline as well as your existing team.  

Programs like our Rotational Trainee Program complement TechPoint’s Mission41K – a collaborative movement to address the largest problem tech employers are facing today—finding, hiring and retaining qualified tech talent.