A fast-growing pool of more than 1,300 college students have flocked so far to TechPoint’s Xtern program, a nationally regarded internship platform, vying for spots next summer with Indiana’s vibrant tech community and other digital innovators around the state.  

Record applications and new expansions create more opportunities 

Interest in the program is at an all-time record high, especially with the launch of an expansion Xtern program in South Bend-Elkhart. It’s the second expansion of its kind with Muncie entering its fourth year and in Indianapolis TechPoint is embarking on a second decade with the Xtern program. 

The record number of applications creates an opportunity for more employers to participate in Xtern, and TechPoint is targeting highly tech-enabled adjacent industries like advanced manufacturing and logistics, healthcare and life sciences and agribiosciences. 

Xtern, which is also known as “the ultimate tech internship experience,” offers employers a comprehensive support program, including housing, that successfully converts the nation’s top tech and business talent into the next wave of Indiana leaders and innovators. That’s not conjecture; we have bulletproof data over 10 years proving that the program works. Students with offers from Google, Apple, Netflix and other Silicon Valley giants chose Xtern instead and today many former Xterns are leaders in our community. 

TechPoint needs to hear from interested employers by October 18 

What’s not at a record high is expressed interest from Hoosier companies willing to offer summer internships with these promising young people. And to be honest, the imbalance is somewhat perplexing. 

Finding great tech talent is a national challenge, and Indiana tech companies tell TechPoint that it’s their No. 1 issue. It’s such a challenge that TechPoint launched Mission 41K, collaborating with educators, companies, philanthropic organizations and government leaders to widen the pathways to tech for workers of all ages. 

Xtern is a key part of solving the talent challenge, which includes tech talent as well as more traditional business roles in supply chain logistics, HR, marketing and more. High performing students from around the country apply to the program hoping to launch their tech careers. TechPoint reviews applications to find the cream of the crop to present as excellent candidates to employers in a one-day, interview process where companies interview students and rank their top picks. The TechPoint team then runs a matching algorithm to match the companies and the students and the companies then make their hiring decisions. 

Startup companies have an even sweeter deal for securing Xterns. Recognizing the veracity of the Xtern program and the need to help startups succeed, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation supports about half the cost of Xterns for these companies. Learn more about that here or go even more in-depth by reviewing our recent Xtern Webinar

Still not sold that Xtern is one of the best talent development programs available to Hoosier companies?  

Last year’s post-summer Xtern survey showed that: 

  • More than 93 percent of employers were satisfied with their Xterns’ performance, 
  • More than 80 percent of employers said their Xterns contributed to the success of their company at a high degree, and 
  • By design, applicants are demographically diverse, which enables companies to meet critical goals for bringing more women and people of color into the Indiana tech community (a key goal of Mission41K.) 

We’d love the opportunity to talk to you about how Xtern can work for you well before the application deadline of Wednesday, October 18. Please reach out to engagement@techpoint.org if you have any questions. If you are ready to commit, find out more details here.