Honoring scientific achievements, R&D efforts, and other trailblazing discoveries that have the potential to change industries

The term “innovator” refers to a person or entity that introduces new methods, ideas, or products into the world. True innovation doesn’t go with the flow or by the book; it challenges the status quo and pushes boundaries in order to achieve unapologetic growth.   

The Innovation of the Year award honors scientific achievements, R&D efforts, and other trailblazing discoveries that highlight the innovation coming from Indiana and that have the potential to materially change lives, a market, or an industry. Innovation could come from universities and businesses or individual scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

Innovations made by our 2021 nominees definitely exceeded our expectations—especially considering everyone shifted to remote working. Our nominees took this opportunity to really push the envelope to improve their communities and sectors.

One nominee came up with an automation solution for welding that aids in consistent and stronger welds, while another nominee is breaking barriers in the field of high-speed weapon system design. We also have a nominee working to restructure the classroom to help students fulfill their potential based on their emotional intelligence. These are just a few highlights of the exciting innovations our 2021 Mira class has produced.

In 2020, Anvl won the Innovation of the Year award for its automated offline-capable hazard identification application. Their innovations in capturing data for work-related injuries has enabled them to work closely with Cummins Inc. to support the continued safety of their workers all across North America. They’ve also created an app to make documenting processes and incidents easier, faster, and more efficient.

The 2019 Innovation of the Year award winner, Innovative Neurological Devices (IND), was recognized for creating Cervella, an FDA-cleared medical device for non-drug treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Leading the way for non-prescription medical treatment for these diseases, IND has seen a spike of interest as we continue to deal with the effects of COVID-19. Their Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator (CES) devices provide safe and low-risk options for patients and can be discontinued immediately without risk of withdrawal symptoms. At the end of 2020, they received a patent for this technology.

This year’s nominees include:

  • 120Water – Wastewater Monitoring for COVID-19 (Zionsville, Ind.) — 120Water is a digital water company that helps water utilities and facilities streamline and modernize their most complex drinking water and wastewater initiatives.
  • 3Oe Scientific – IGGY™  (Carmel, Ind.) — 3Oe Scientific is a technology company advancing the science of aqueous ozone for use in public health, health care, and other industries.
  • Benegraft – Rapid Dicer (Baltimore, MD) — Benegraft is responsible for creating reconstructive surgery that is both faster and safer.
  • Teichos Laboratories – Immune Response Amplifier (Indianapolis, Ind.) — Teichos is an Indiana B2B early-stage biotechnology company developing a unique immunostimulatory adjuvant that is a safe, innovative, and game-changing solution made to improve vaccine performance.
  • Fight for Life Foundation – Building Dreams App (Indianapolis, Ind.) — Fight for Life Foundation’s mission is to help young people develop the social and emotional qualities needed for success. It was founded in 2007 by former Indianapolis Colt, Marlin Jackson.
  • HySonic Technologies (Lafayette, Ind.) — HySonic Technologies is a rapidly growing Purdue start-up focusing on the engineering design of high-speed weapons systems, from supersonic to hypersonic flow conditions.
  • InsightTRAC – Robotic Mummy Removal (Syracuse, Ind.) — InsightTRAC provides precision robotics that leverages cloud-based data to help growers better manage and optimize their profit per tree.
  • NearWave Imager (South Bend, Ind.) — The NearWave Imager is a revolutionary handheld clinical near-infrared light imaging-based device poised to democratize point-of-care diagnostics and imaging in breast cancer.
  • OneCause – Virtual Event Center (Indianapolis, Ind.) — OneCause is driving the future of fundraising with easy-to-use solutions that help nonprofits engage more donors and raise more money for their missions.
  • Photon Automation – Pulse Spread Technology (Greenfield, Ind.) — Photon Automation, Inc. has revolutionized laser welding dissimilar metals and created an automated manufacturing system.
  • SAAM – S-Series Air Quality Monitoring Device (Indianapolis, Ind.) — The SAAM S-Series will save lives and improve health by preemptively alerting for smoke, fire, gas leaks, and poor air quality. This monitoring device communicates via audible and smartphone with recommended actions before a catastrophe has a chance to occur.
  • Verma Lab at Purdue University – DISCOVER Biosensors (Lafayette, Ind.) — The Verma Lab at Purdue University builds DIagnostic Sensors for the cause of bOVinE Respiratory disease (DISCOVER) to provide on-farm testing.

The 2021 Mira Award winners will be announced live during a special broadcast of the 22nd annual gala on Thursday, April 22, with presenting sponsor Salesforce. Visit https://techpoint.org/riseup for more information.