TechPoint, in partnership with global benefits powerhouse NFP’s Indianapolis office, has produced a compensation and benefits guide entitled, “2022 Total Rewards: Indiana Tech Trends Report” to help Indiana tech companies hire and retain workers. 

The 70-page report focuses on 10 in-demand and growth-oriented information technology occupations in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Statistical Area. It details expected current market salary ranges and benefits and outlines the types of health insurance coverage, contribution levels and associated offerings that companies commonly make to give insights that can help them shape their hiring practices. 

Companies are encouraged to review the salary and compensation data and incorporate it into their hiring practices.  

The information is part of an extensive tool kit for Hoosier tech companies that is part of TechPoint’s Mission41k a collaborative effort to inclusively grow the Indiana tech workforce by an additional 41,000 workers by 2030. In addition to the guide, resources in the tool kit include guides to adopt skills-based hiring techniques and information about youth and adult apprenticeships along with TechPoint’s long-lauded career development offerings. 

“Hoosier employers are competing for the same tech workers as Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, Netflix and other major technology brands,” said TechPoint President and CEO Ting Gootee. “It’s a hyper competitive talent market further complicated by post-pandemic changes in work requirements and desires, inflation and economic uncertainty. Our local tech leaders and hiring managers need better tools and intelligence to beat the larger brands on the coasts, which have much deeper pockets.  We are pleased to offer this guide and other supportive resources to tech employers.” 

“We were happy to work with TechPoint to develop this guide and see it as a great tool in the collaborative effort to inclusively grow the state’s tech sector,” said Megan Nail, vice president of NFP’s total rewards practice. NFP acquired Indianapolis-based First Person Advisors in May, 2021.  

“We see this as a great starting point to giving Indiana tech companies the information they need to compete for top talent at a higher level,” Nail added. 

The guide focuses on base pay and total cash compensation for the following in-demand and growth-oriented tech jobs:

  1. associate/junior developer 
  1. business/data analyst 
  1. business development 
  1. cloud administrator 
  1. customer relations management/Salesforce administrator 
  1. cyber security specialist 
  1. Information Technology support technician 
  1. product owner 
  1. project manager 
  1. software developer