Meet the Large Enterprise of the Year Nominees for the 2022 ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards

Recognizing companies that are investing in innovation, committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion; boosting Indiana’s reputation nationally/internationally; and leveraging their resources to scale and make a positive impact in our community. Startups and small businesses may be the backbone of the Indiana tech industry, but without the emergence of large businesses, there wouldn’t be a […]

Meet the Service Partner of the Year Award Nominees for the 2022 ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards

Celebrating exceptional work by professional services firms or internal teams who created the year’s best solutions. Behind every innovative idea is an integral support system to ensure a vision is executed. We know the people and businesses that keep those great ideas afloat aren’t always the ones who get credit for their part in sustaining […]

Meet the Exceptional Employer of the Year Nominees for the 2022 ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards

Celebrating tech companies that are doing an exceptional job developing talent, cultivating workspaces and workplace culture, and positively impacting the community. Company culture is an essential part of any great tech company. In any business, it’s important to rally the troops to get behind what you’re doing and also make them feel a part of […]
NearWave Team After Winning Innovation of the Year Mira Award in 2021

NearWave Revisited: ‘We won’t win’ is common misconception among past Mira Award winners

The Mira Awards celebrate the best of tech in Indiana, but after the awards are announced at the gala and the cameras have shut down, what happens next? For NearWave, winner of the Innovation of the Year Mira Award during TechPoint’s 22nd annual gala, it has been continued hard work and steady successes in their […]
Max Yoder, CEO of Lessonly

The Circuit | Max Yoder: CEO of Lessonly

Behind every major tech headline of acquisitions, expansions, and raises, is a story of how a community supported the individual. And often, a story of how the individual continues to support the community. These are the stories of TechPoint’s The Circuit, a new interview series dedicated to serving up the human stories behind the tech […]

Meet the Scale-Up of the Year nominees for the 22nd annual Mira Awards

Celebrating high-growth, innovation-driven businesses that provide technology products or services (or highly-tech-enabled businesses) Every startup dreams of becoming the next scale-up company. It means you’ve taken your business to the next level, bringing about new opportunities including customers, capital and growth. The Scale-up of the Year award celebrates high-growth, innovation-driven businesses that provide technology products […]

What the 2021 Mira Awards theme ‘RISE UP’ means to me

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “rise up” and how does it make you feel? Because I’m a theatre nerd, the first thing I think of is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit Broadway musical Hamilton. The “rise up” phrase is used to great effect in the show, and those six simple letters are so […]

Meet the Rising Tech City Award Nominees for the 2020 Mira Awards

The Rising Tech City award honors a city, town, region or community within the state of Indiana and celebrates the projects and the people behind them who have championed the location’s advancement with particular emphasis on tech friendliness.