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Allos Ventures

Allos Ventures

Powering the growth of high-potential tech companies in the heart of the Midwest.

Company Information
(317) 275-6800
Indianapolis, IN
Founded in 2009

Company Description

We focus on industries we know well. No-brainer, right? We like to think we don’t make a lot of mistakes, but we’re happy to share what we’ve learned from the ones we did make. We generally invest within a 5 hour drive of our offices – even if it means pushing the speed limit a bit. That makes it possible for us to show up and be helpful whenever a face-to-face meeting would be helpful to you. We are lead investors, which means we will deliver a term sheet and help you build an investor syndicate, rather than expressing interest while waiting for a lead to show up and do the heavy lifting. “Early” means you have an existing product or service (and revenue) beyond the pilot stage. You might still be a few years away from profitability, but companies who have it all figured out are no fun to work with.