A new TechPoint report released today details progress made in Mission41K, Indiana’s collaborative effort to inclusively grow the state’s tech workforce by 41,000 Hoosiers by 2030 and calls on the state’s tech community to continue working toward the aggressive goals. 

The report compares 2022 tech job growth to the first several months of 2023 and shows the Indiana tech workforce has grown more than 5.6 percent in 2023 – double the national tech workforce growth rate in 2022. Participation rates among people of color and women, which had been stagnant, grew by one percent. 

“While the increase may seem slight, moving the needle in our first months of implementation represents progress and indicates we are doing the right things to accomplish much more in the future,” said Dennis Trinkle, TechPoint’s senior vice president, talent, strategy and partnerships. “With additional time and focus, we are confident we will see greater impact.” 

The report singles out six organizational efforts by InnoPower, Indianapolis Public Schools, Ivy Tech’s Ivy+ IT Academy, Allegion, Eli Lilly and Zotec Partners – as early success stories of how Indiana can make continued progress. Each organization, along with others whose work is not detailed in the report, is helping to raise awareness, remove obstacles and grow the tech workforce, Trinkle said. 

The report shows the initiative is succeeding in fostering collaboration and driving real increases in new job creation and the development of tech talent. Since its launch in September 2022, a group of more than 100 individuals and organizations have taken the Mission41K pledge to work toward its goals. The report also found that 92 percent of all jobs in Indiana currently require some level of tech skill, so every Hoosier needs – or will need – to acquire those skills if they don’t already have them.  

There are currently 9,299 tech businesses operating in the state. Collectively, those organizations posted 54,198 open tech positions in 2022. Tech employment in Indiana to-date stands at 118,872. 

“Our early wins show the power of collaboration,” said TechPoint President and CEO Ting Gootee. “By working collaboratively across public, private, nonprofit, for profit, education and community-based groups, we can have even greater collective impact, which will directly increase the economic well-being of Hoosier families and will also catalyze business creation and growth. 

See the full report here. Take the Mission41K pledge here