Talent Network Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in creating your profile in our Talent Network? Let us answer your questions.

Is it free to apply for the Talent Network?
Yes, it is 100% free for job seekers to apply.

Who should apply for the Talent Network?
Individuals with Hoosier roots or those interested in living and working in Indiana tech companies should apply. Our job board features opportunities for everyone from new grads to senior executives. Receive targeted job opportunities by answering all questions in the profile form.

How do I know if my application has been accepted?
Once you submit your Talent Network profile, you will receive a confirmation email from our talent team. Your profile will be live in the Talent Network, which our companies view daily.

When will I hear about job opportunities?
We will share your profile with tech companies immediately. If you want to supplement your job search, search for jobs in our job board, which has 100+ new job postings per week.

Am I guaranteed a job offer?
No, but our companies are growing and expanding daily. Apply today to hear about new job opportunities as they are created.

How long do you keep my application in the Talent Network?
Your application will stay within the Talent Network until you land a job or tell us to remove your information. Should you want to remove your application, just email us at talentnetwork@techpoint.org.

What kind of tech companies are hiring?
We work very closely with startups and scale-ups to established companies that employ thousands. Browse our Tech Directory to learn more.

What kind of jobs are available?
Tech companies need makers, marketers and managers. Job opportunities range from software developers and scrum masters to public relations and sales managers. Several companies also post internships, contracted positions, and remote positions.

Which cities in Indiana do you cover?
While the greatest concentration of tech companies exists in Central Indiana, we have connections with companies located everywhere from South Bend to Evansville and in between.

I decided to take a job elsewhere. How do I remove my profile from the Talent Network?
Send an email to talentnetwork@techpoint.org and we will remove your profile from the Talent Network.