EDITOR’S NOTE: The TechPoint Job Board is one of Indiana’s premier places to find employment opportunities in the state’s fast-growing tech ecosystem. Many Hoosier employers rely on it to reach qualified, tech-skilled pros with their latest open job postings. While data from the Job Board are localized and represent a narrow, self-selected slice of Indiana’s tech job market, the information reflects interesting trends that may help employers and job seekers alike.

Job growth in Indiana’s tech ecosystem in the first half of 2022 has been a tale of two different fiscal quarters.The first quarter was the second strongest quarter of job listings since the start of the pandemic. The second quarter was the lowest number of listings since the end of 2020, although still higher than all 2020 quarters.

Rising inflation and a changing venture capital landscape has affected tech markets globally, but exactly how and to what degree is yet to be determined. 

Unique Indiana tech jobs listed on the TechPoint Job Board

The first quarter of 2022 saw 648 jobs posted to the TechPoint Job Board by 132 unique employers, a nearly 20 percent growth from Q1 2021, which saw 544 positions submitted. It was also a healthy start to the year after a slower second half of 2021, which saw only 470 listings in Q3 2021 and 440 listings in Q4.

Most recently, Q2 2022 saw 396 jobs posted to the TechPoint Job Board in Q2 2022, a nearly 39 percent decrease from Q1 2022 and a 43 percent decrease from Q2 2021 which has been the best quarter for jobs since the start of the pandemic. 

Tech is one of the most versatile and adaptive industries in our economy, strengthened by the adversity of the last three years. While there will always be ups and downs in hirings and expansions, there are still many signs of growth in Indiana’s tech ecosystem.

The first half of 2022 showed stable investment in Indiana tech, notably “Pre-Seed,” “Seed” and “Early Stage” fundraising deals. While the venture capital raised in the first two quarters of 2022 is a decrease from 2021, which included three different investments of $100 million or more, current funding levels in early stages are a sign of sowing seeds of future growth in the Indiana tech ecosystem. Be sure to read the Q1 2022 VC Report and the Q2 2022 VC Report for more information.

Tech job listings by years of experience desired

A big trend that has carried on from 2021 into 2022 is the prevalence of job listings in the 3-5 years of experience range being the largest block among the levels of experience TechPoint tracks: 0-2 years, 3-5 years, 6-8 years, and 9+ years.

This experience range has been the most popular among submissions to TechPoint’s Job Board for the last year, including every quarter of 2021. It comprised 46.8 percent of all job listings in Q1 2022, and rose to 54.3 percent of all listings in Q2 2022, averaging out to just shy of half of all job listings so far this year.

Indiana tech job listings by years of experience desired based on date from the TechPoint Job Board

Mid-level experienced talent is crucial for any team—even with so much economic uncertainty—and it is never a bad time to build for your team’s future talent needs. Our state is still on the precipice of a talent crisis, meaning that the time is now for the Indiana tech ecosystem to work to reinforce and expand our talent pools through strengthening DE&I initiatives and hiring practices, and investing in Skills First hiring practices

Indiana tech job listings by job category 

Job listings in the IT & Cybersecurity category are the top category for the first half of 2022, having been the most popular category over the last year with 27.5 percent of all listings in Q1 2022 and rising to 37.7 percent in Q2. Most categories saw few shifts since last year.

Indiana tech job listings by job category based on data from the TechPoint Job Board 

Indiana tech jobs by location

While some employers strive to bring employees back to the office, remote job submissions have been strong through the first half of 2022, having comprised 41.2 percent in Q1 2022 and rising slightly to 41.7 percent in Q2. 

Remote job listings have been the top “location” over the last three quarters, as well as in Q2 2021. Indianapolis has been #2 in all those quarters, and the state capital was the top location in Q1 and Q3 2021.

Indiana tech jobs by location based on data from the TechPoint Job Board

The rise of hybrid and remote job opportunities has brought major changes in the way many Indiana tech companies hire and onboard new employees, as well as how managers structure workplace and office policies for their teams. Hybrid and remote work also provides exciting opportunities for rural communities to attract new residents.

Hear from Indiana tech employers

Through changes and challenges, Indiana’s tech ecosystem is still growing and the labor market remains competitive. Schneider Geospatial, LLC., a Mira Award winning, Indianapolis-based company providing services and solutions to state and local governments across the country, has grown its team by 15 percent in the first half of 2022.

“Indiana’s tech ecosystem is continuing to grow stronger and faster than ever,” said Jeff Corns, CEO of Schneider Geospatial. “Finding the perfect candidate has gotten tougher with this expanding, competitive market.”

Corns also said that some of his team’s newest hires have been brought on in a mix of remote and in-person employees. Carmel-based Authenticx, whose founder Amy Brown won the Rising Entrepreneur of the Year Mira Award in 2020, has brought on one-third of its newest hires remotely, said Darron Lasley, Authenticx’s vice president of talent.

“The Authenticx team has grown fourfold in the past year,” said Lasley. “We’ve hired 23 new team members so far this year, that represents 31 percent of our total staff of 75.” Authenticx has been one of the top 10 companies listing openings to the TechPoint Job Board in the first half of 2022.

“Like the real estate market, applicants are often seeking significantly higher compensation than a year ago,” said Lasley. “Many applicants express a desire to be in the tech space, as they see job security and career growth, and are drawn to our focus in healthcare as they seek work that is meaningful and rewarding.”

Another one of 2022’s top 10 posters to TechPoint’s Job Board so far, Zylo, is also continuing to see a hot tech job market. Zylo won the Mira Award for Scale-up of the Year in 2020.

“We’ve onboarded 41 new Zylos [employees] to date in 2022, a mixture of both in person and remote folks,” said Losalind Connell, lead talent acquisition partner with Zylo. “It is still a very competitive marketplace out there and we will continue to reiterate why Zylo’s product and culture remains strong both locally and nationwide.”

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