Do you know friends or family members who left Indiana after graduation and now want to be closer to home, are starting a family and want that Midwest lifestyle, or are looking for Indiana tech jobs to take their careers to the next level?

Can you relate to one or more of these statements?

  • I am often asked by out-of-town friends and family for suggestions or referrals to tech companies with job opportunities.
  • My friends and family members are unable to afford West or East Coast rent prices. (A mortgage is nearly impossible!)
  • I would love for my friends and family to live closer to home with careers in tech they’ll love.

TechPoint’s newly launched Talent Network gives your friends and family members the tools they need to find Indiana tech jobs in one of the nation’s emerging tech hubs.

How to get matched with Indiana tech jobs:

  1. Create a free profile on TechPoint’sTalent Network by submitting experience levels, certifications, resumes, and information that explains what you are looking for in a career in tech.
  2. Profiles will be entered into TechPoint’s Talent Database, a resource utilized by TechPoint’s member companies to find skilled talent.
  3. Tech companies with interest will reach out to job seekers directly, and TechPoint will stay in touch with future resources and the latest in tech news.

Do you know someone who should receive this information?

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TechPoint’s existing talent resources, such as our company directory and job board, make the launch of our Talent Network a natural fit with our mission to support Indiana’s technology ecosystem. This program extension allows TechPoint to reach a new audience that is seeking opportunities with Indiana technology companies, but is unsure of where or how to start. As the nonprofit support organization for Indiana’s rapidly growing tech community, we at TechPoint built this Talent Network to help. We love it here and want you to, too.


For more information about the Talent Network, visit our FAQ page or email