Meet Kara Holthaus, Vice President of Client Services at SmarterHQ

Kara believes that customer success is the "heart of the organization," and with that comes responsibility to communicate out internally the wants, needs and struggles of a company's customers.

Meet Kolby McElvain, Senior Designer at High Alpha

As a senior designer at High Alpha, Kolby gets to use creativity to come up with things that have never existed or to utilize current tech and ideas in new ways.

Meet Tim Butler, VP of Enterprise Delivery at Lumavate

Growing up, Tim always had the urge to take things apart and figure out how they worked. Today he spends every day analyzing problems and coming up with the best solutions.

Meet Dipali Patel, IT Analyst at Eli Lilly and Company

Dipali never would have thought that he would want to work in the IT department at a pharmaceutical company, but he really enjoys his work in IT cybersecurity.

Meet Lee Morgan, Senior Custom Solutions Engineer at Mimir

Lee Morgan's business experience and career path took him from corporate finance to tech. He joined TechPoint's Sales Bootcamp program, which led him to a sales career at fast-growing startup Mimir.