Slicing software to the scale you need.

Multiple products, multiple regions, multiple channels and a multitude of clients with different needs – sound familiar? When you try to fit them into a one-dimensional application platform, you will be left one-sided with fragment systems, silos and definitely failed projects.

At Virtusa, we know the virtue of partnering with the best, so your virtual dreams are no longer a dream but a reality. We have many partners we work with on a daily basis.

Why? Because that’s what is needed to truly address the problems our clients face.

One of the partners we work closely with is Pegasystems, a global brand that understands tech’s rise in Indiana. Its solutions have the power to make seemingly complex automation challenges easy as, well, pie.

Virtusa works with a host of global partners to help execute on many projects. Let’s focus on a few services to explain why, starting with Robotic Process Automation and cloud solutions.

Can we automate the annoyance away already?


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not going to transform your business by itself because 50 percent of initial RPA projects do fail. Before you queue the “Price is Right” losing music, however, you can combine robotics with powerful end-to-end automation, and you can jump on the RPA bandwagon because no one wants to be a statistic, right?!

RPA is non-invasive and lightning fast, but you need to be ready to deal with unexpected changes in the environment, new applications, process re-engineering and collaboration. But relax: our partnership with global conglomerates is designed to deal with structured and ad-hoc work, orchestrating work between humans, robots, systems and applications.

These partners help us apply a flexible intelligence decision hub that can apply real-time interaction, such as:

  • Actionable intelligence that automatically finds processes to optimize
  • Adaptive intelligence that learns on the fly
  • Predictive intelligence that eliminates problems before they occur

By leveraging productivity bots, we simplify employee experience and inject instant ROI into business operations.

As organizations continue to collect software robots, the application-update speed accelerates and the application of artificial intelligence broadens. But before you go into an automation dream state, it’s important to know the nightmare that awaits from inconsistent oversight and governance of bots.

So, really the question is, do you want to continue to waste your employees’ time with repetitive work or use case management to manage it all from end to end?

Cloudiness has never been so recommended until now.

Before you get locked into a multi-tenant cloud architecture not built for your enterprise’s needs, we recommend partnering with those who can jump-start your ROI.  Platform solutions can preserve your ability to control, configure and connect for your needs.

Keeping your head in the clouds is no longer negative, it actually makes operational headaches vanish, all without acetaminophen!

So, if this is now giving you a headache, allow me to explain. The cloud should come with the choice to:

  • Run where you want – our cloud, your cloud, a partner’s cloud
  • Allow limitless customizations to get you to the way you want
  • Move from your cloud to one that makes the most sense for your business

With the “one cloud doesn’t fit all” approach, you have the flexibility to build a model that is modeled for you by you.

Unlike most annoyances in life, you choose your cloud, and you aren’t locked in. You can move from one to another, and you don’t even have to pass “GO”! You can mix and match with different applications, different needs and even deploy on different clouds.

Until now, who would have ever thought the fastest path to smarter decisions and powerful automation was to keep your head in the clouds?

As Indianapolis continues its evolution as a top-five U.S. tech city, we must take the next steps to bring in global partners and combine their innovation with all the amazing homegrown solutions being developed.

Pega is more than just a project-specific partner – the company now occupies dedicated space in our Indianapolis office. Virtusa is proud to have them as a diverse technology solution, and we know the work will help our state grow as a stronger technology hub, making the pie of resources bigger and better for everyone.

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