The Indiana Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Best Companies Group recently recognized and honored Hoosier employers throughout the state. The Indiana Chamber’s “Best Places to Work” program has been operating for the last 15 years and honoring the best employers in the state.

Due to COVID-19, the celebration dinner and ranking unveiling originally scheduled for the spring, was postponed and ultimately moved into a virtual celebration. This virtual event allowed nominee employers and employees from across Indiana to celebrate and cheer on their own companies and their peers as the rankings were announced.

“Congratulations to these companies for providing the ‘best’ atmospheres and bringing out the ‘best’ in their employees,” shares Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar. “Their message is coming through loud and clear: It’s all about the employees. All should be proud of the perks, programs and opportunities they offer to emphasize a healthy work-life balance, community involvement and professional development.

“Recruiting and retaining talent is among Hoosier employers’ primary challenges today. The Best Places to Work honorees are addressing those obstacles while powering the success of their businesses.”

The Indiana Chamber grouped companies into four categories of businesses based on the number of employees. These groups included small (15-74), medium (75-249), large (250-999) and major (1,000+). Among the rankings were many local tech companies and TechPoint members.

The TechPoint members included in the rankings are:

  1. Brite Systems
  2. Zylo
  3. Vibenomics
  4. Greenlight Guru
  5. DemandJump
  6. Schneider Geospatial
  7. Formstack
  8. Indesign
  9. SEP
  10. OneCause
  11. Scale Computing
  12. Springbuk
  13. Moser Consulting
  14. Salesforce
  15. Kronos
  16. Comcast Business
  17. Ontario Systems

Many of these organizations have appeared multiple times on the Best Place to Work list throughout the past few years. TechPoint congratulates and celebrates these companies for their investment and diligent pursuit of creating a thriving work environment and healthy culture as well as a focus on employee wellbeing. Thank you for leading the way for Indiana business!

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce works with Best Companies Group to conduct a detailed assessment of the workplace and a survey for employees. The Best Companies Group is a worldwide organization that manages more than 70 similar programs. The detailed workplace assessment focuses on the organizations’ policies, practices and demographics. The employee engagement and satisfaction survey includes several key focus areas including corporate culture, role satisfaction and leadership.

The Best Companies Group analyzes the data collected and ranks it against other participating organizations to determine the rankings. Participating organizations receive an employee feedback report that compiles responses from the employee survey and benchmarks reports that allow for comparison to other participating organizations. This detailed assessment helps companies evaluate current policies, better understand employees and compare with other top organizations.

The Indiana Chamber explains that the Best Places to Work program helps participating organizations improve company pride, enhance marketing efforts and better understand employee views. Kudos to our friends at the Indiana Chamber for having a great virtual event and congratulations to the entire list of Best Companies to Work in Indiana! 

If your organization is interested in learning more about the Best Places to Work Program, please contact the Indiana Chamber of Commerce at