Jobs in Tech 101

What is a “tech company?” What types of jobs exist? What is it like to work there? Am I qualified for a job in tech? Wait, don’t I need to know how to code?

You’ve heard that tech is full of opportunity, but you have a lot of questions. We set out to answer them, translate some of the insider lingo, and clarify different paths to opportunity (and for many you don’t have to be a “coder”).

Jobs in Tech 101

Jobs in Tech 101.

We analyzed 1,800 job postings on the Index, scoured the Department of Labor’s O*NET database, and consulted 30+ industry professionals. Jobs in Tech 101 summarizes our findings and demystifies Indy’s tech landscape. Field by field, we break down typical work activities, highlight stand-out professionals, and help you match your interests, abilities, and skills to your future tech job.

Jobs in Tech 101

So what is a “tech company?”

Whether you’re earning your stripes at a start-up or in the city’s tallest tower, there are a few types of companies you could work for:

Tech Product

Build and sell software, data, or computer hardware products.

Tech Service

Sell people-powered services like consulting, IT services, development.

Tech Infrastructure

Build and operate data centers and internet infrastructure.

Tech Product

You might be surprised how many companies in other industries are building tech into their products and employing a lot of tech-skilled workers.

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Jobs in Tech 101

Start exploring tech- and business-skilled occupations: