As we close the books on the first quarter of 2016, we reflect on the many “Featured Company of the Week” stories we’ve published and see what trends they highlight happening in the tech community. These startups and scale-ups are rapidly emerging, innovation-driven companies that could be Indiana’s next big success stories.

Several of our featured companies — Springbuk, Perceivant, PolicyStat, hc1 and Diagnotes — created platforms and business models to improve personal and enterprise healthcare. From minimizing litigation and other risks through improved policy access and communications, to big data utilization that improves population health management; the message is clear that Indiana’s tech companies see the importance of a collaboration between healthcare providers and technology.

Marketing technologies and business process improvements continues to rise with Torchlite’s latest product release that combines their digital marketing services with the talent needed to successfully implement them. BlueBridge, Delivra, inSourceCode, SmarterHQ, PactSafe and Sigstr are improving how we communicate with and market to consumers through advances in enterprise platforms, contracting, apps, emails, and design.

These companies are achieving significant growth in annual recurring revenue and most are raising six to seven figures in funding rounds. They are growing in size too, hiring new employees and building out new office spaces. Rook Security, a global IT security firm, has nearly doubled its revenue every year since relocating from San Jose, Calif. to Indianapolis in 2010.

Many of the companies we have featured are taking part in TechPoint’s Tailwind program, an ongoing effort to raise the visibility and accelerate the growth of Indiana tech companies.

What Executives Say about TechPoint’s Tailwind Program

“Tailwind has been extremely supportive in ways that have made a direct impact to our progress over the past year. In addition to providing PR support to promote the value of what we provide which has helped us to secure additional clients independently, Tailwind has also worked to make connections with several large prospects. Additionally, Tailwind / TechPoint has promoted our open positions to quality candidates and included us in the Xtern program resulting in several talented candidates becoming involved at hc1.”

– Brad Bostic, CEO/Founder hc1

“The TechPoint Tailwind Initiative was helpful in SmarterHQ’s efforts of acquiring capital investment, gaining customers and attracting talent last year. We hired over 25 employees last year, we raised north of $7.6MM in venture funding and TechPoint helped forge the relationship with Simon Ventures among others.”

– Matt Tyner, Director of Finance SmarterHQ

If you missed any of our “Featured Company of the Week” stories when they first came out, here’s your chance to get caught up! Read through the profiles listed below to familiarize yourself with these high-growth, high-potential companies that are making their mark on the tech community.


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PactSafe is transforming the way software-as-a-service companies use contracts

Diagnotes is bringing secure, mobile communication to a doctor near you

Sigstr’s simplified genius is ready for 10x growth

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Featured Company of the Week

In an effort to raise the visibility and accelerate the growth of Indiana tech companies, each week we will spotlight a growing company with a compelling story. In particular, we will spotlight scale-up companies that are rapidly emerging and could become our community’s future success stories. Visit this page to learn more the Tailwind program and see if your company qualifies.

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