As technology continues to be a major part of our everyday lives, many people are looking for an exciting, fulfilling career in tech that allows them to help others, build something from the ground up, and remain on the cutting edge of modern technology. In today’s world, almost every business relies on technology to operate and this is a field where demand will only continue to grow. Let’s take a look at some of the highest paying tech jobs for 2023 as well as learn more about what you need to do to be a competitive candidate for these positions. 

Highest Paying Tech Jobs

If you take a look at the top 100 highest paying jobs in the world, you will see some of the best tech jobs on the list. These jobs are in high demand and companies know they need to invest in quality talent to help their organizations scale and adapt. 

Here are some of the highest paying tech jobs in 2023:

Web Developer

A web developer is responsible for creating websites using coding languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The goal of a web developer is to create aesthetically appealing, user-friendly, and reliable websites for a variety of purposes. Given that the vast majority of people use the internet when they are looking for a product or service they need, web developers are and will continue to be in high demand moving forward. The national average salary for this position is just over $89,000 per year with a top-paying salary of about $165,000.

Application Analyst + Developer

An application analyst works closely with company leadership to figure out what applications the business requires, and they will also be responsible for designing the application. An application analyst designs, tests, refines, and rolls out applications for various purposes. In 2023, mobile application developers are in high demand because of the increased focus on mobile experiences. The average page for application analysts and mobile application developers has increased from about $72,000 per year to over $90,000 per year.

Database Developer

Data is everything, and companies rely on information gathered to make quick decisions. A database developer will be responsible for creating, protecting, updating, and enhancing user experiences with this information, frequently working in conjunction with other developers. The average database developer earns approximately $105,000 per year.

Computer and Information Research Scientists

Master problem solvers, computer and information research scientists blend creativity and technical skills to create and implement solutions for complex problems. Typically holding an advanced degree in computer science, this position is in high demand as technology continues to evolve, with an average salary of over $130,000 and a top-paying salary of over $208,000.

Site Reliability Engineer

A site reliability engineer brings operations and development teams together, using software engineering mindsets to handle key administration topics. They create system tools, focus on site performance, and streamline the software delivery pipeline to keep it efficient. The average site reliability engineer earns approximately $140,000 per year.

Software Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality is everything, especially in today’s day and age. Software quality assurance analysts are responsible for finding problems with software and ways to address them. This role is critical to enhancing customer experience and ensuring that technology works the way it’s supposed to. This position can garner a top-paying salary of $150,000.

Software Architect

A software architect is responsible for designing, developing, correcting, and refining software for a variety of purposes. They usually consult closely with technical leadership teams, recommending troubleshooting applications and various tools that can help them respond to issues quickly. The average software architect earns approximately $138,500 per year.

Software Developers

Software developers are also essential. Software plays a significant role in our daily lives. Many companies are looking for software developers that can help them create applications, help with cloud programming, and improve company communication. In fact, this is one of the top 25 highest-paying jobs in the US right now.

Highest Paying Tech Jobs Without a Degree

While many tech jobs require formal education or a degree, the tech industry is changing and adapting to the needs of today. Some companies now only require specialized training or education in the field like a code academy, or they might not even require a four-year degree if you have enough experience in other related fields. 

There are tech jobs that don’t require a degree. A few examples include:

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer can either work independently or as part of a team. They write programming code for desktops, mobile applications, and websites. As long as you have computer coding knowledge, it doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not. The average computer programmer earns approximately $82,000 per year.  However, most computer programmers do have a certificate in coding and can make up to $155,000 a year.

Computer Support Specialist

A computer support specialist is responsible for helping customers and clients handle issues with their computers. This can be done over the phone, using live chat, or in person. In addition to computer skills, you need to have customer service expertise. Depending on the tier and the size of the company, the salary range can vary wildly. Most will start around $38,000 with the ability to grow into a tier 3 position at around $54,000.

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is necessary in today’s world, and digital marketers promote specific products and services to generate leads, conversions, and revenue for businesses. You need to have strong communication skills in addition to technical knowledge. A college degree is not necessarily required. A digital marketer typically earns approximately $49,000 per year.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Given the number of companies that use the internet for their daily operations, it should come as no surprise that a cybersecurity analyst is in high demand. You’ll be responsible for protecting information, creating security against potential hackers, and preparing for natural disasters. A degree is preferred, but experience can be a nice substitute. A cyber security analyst can earn more than $95,000 per year.

With the right drive and thirst for knowledge, you can certainly find a job in tech even without a degree.  

Highest Paying Jobs in the Next 10 Years

We’ve shared the highest paying jobs as they stand now, but if we look ahead, there are some new positions that take the top spots. Here’s a look at the highest paying tech jobs in the next 10 years

Data Scientist

 As a data scientist, you’ll be responsible for building frameworks that allow companies to store, protect, organize, and analyze information. Then, companies will use this information to make decisions for future directions of business. The data science role will be responsible for looking at statistical models, running algorithms, and plotting data points. The goal is to make it easier for businesses to make decisions based on their data. A data scientist could earn anywhere from $90,000 a year to $150,000 a year.

Product Manager

As one of the most in-demand jobs in tech right now, product managers have big shoes to fill. They are responsible for tying a customer need to a product or feature that will fulfill that need, while also being cognizant of overall business objectives. In other words, they are responsible for making the vision for products come to life, keeping both the customer and the organization in mind. Depending on your experience, salaries can range from about $90,000 to $130,000 a year.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Architects + Engineers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here and in a big way. AI architects are responsible for creating, maintaining, and enhancing infrastructure to support AI technology, providing solutions for clients and leveraging the right technology to support those solutions. They must have a deep understanding of data science and technology infrastructure. On average, they can make over $110,000 a year.

AI engineers leverage machine learning techniques to build and power AI applications. They must have a deep understanding of programming and neural networks to be successful in this role. The salary for this role ranges from $120,000 to $180,000.

Information Systems Manager

An information systems manager is responsible for managing, designing, and protecting all information across the organization. Typically, they are a senior member of the IT department, and they are responsible for staying up-to-date on the latest equipment and best practices to help the company efficiently process its information. The average information systems manager makes over $150,000 per year.

Information Security Analyst

An information security analyst is responsible for ensuring the company’s information is safe. With so much information being stored digitally, this plays a vital role in the technology department. An analyst in this area is responsible for evaluating digital security processes, identifying vulnerabilities, and proactively defending against threats. The average information security analyst makes over $103,000 per year with top-paying salaries coming in at over $165,000.

Best Tech Jobs in the World

Even though the definition of “best” is subjective, according to various reports, there are some tech positions that are considered to be top notch with great retention and salaries. These include:

Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst must have a diverse skill set and is responsible for integrating multiple hardware and software components to help the company efficiently process data and carry out its operations. The average computer systems analyst makes close to $91,000 per year and up to $158,000 a year.

Computer Network Architect

A computer network architect is responsible for building and maintaining a variety of communication networks, intranet systems, and software programs. Currently, many computer architects are responsible for ensuring their businesses have access to cloud computing. The average computer network architect makes more than $120,000 per year, with top salaries paying close to $170,000 a year.

Computer Systems Administrator

A computer systems administrator manages user permissions, fixes network issues, and upgrades hardware and software. A computer systems administrator might also manage multiple other people. The average computer systems administrator makes more than $83,500 per year with a top-paying salary of $130,000 a year.

Many people who fill these positions enjoy what they do and are compensated well because of their expertise. As a result, they tend to stay in their positions longer and are paid more than in other positions.

Careers in Tech

If you are looking for a career in an in-demand industry, then a career in tech is definitely something to consider. 

While many of thee positions we’ve discussed so far require technical skills, there are a wealth of other jobs in tech that aren’t as technical, including:

Tech Marketing Jobs

Do you love crafting communications or experiences that inspire, inform, and influence people? Or maybe enjoy analyzing data and optimizing campaigns? Marketing tech jobs are in high demand and could be a great fit for you. 

Tech marketing jobs are for people who enjoy thinking critically about ideas and communicating information in writing. They conduct research to better understand their audience, clients, and marketplace. They are able to creatively design web pages to fit the brand and design campaigns that speak to their target audiences. They use data to track and measure the success of their various marketing campaigns, and they love promoting their product or service.

Potential positions include Marketing Manager, Market Research Analyst, Product Marketer, Digital Content Specialist, and more. 

Sales Jobs in Tech

If you are competitive with a will to win and have a knack for influencing and building relationships with people, then a job in tech sales might be the perfect fit. 

Tech sales professionals must have strong communication skills and feel comfortable speaking in front of others. They need to have a competitive spirit with a desire to win while also serving the needs of others. Sales professionals need to have the foresight to predict potential problems and understand how to resolve them with clever solutions. They also need to know how to ask the right questions to help prospects discover their reasons for change. 

Potential positions include Sales Development Representative (SDR), Account Executive (AE), Sales Engineer, or VP of Sales. 

Customer Success Jobs in Tech

If you love teaching people and helping them solve their problems, a job in customer success at a tech company might be for you. 

Customer success professionals enjoy building relationships with and helping people and take pride in being the voice of the customer. They have the technical aptitude and ability to learn software products and enjoy understanding how something works. An important role for customer success professionals is to translate software to help customers understand the best ways to utilize their products based on business needs.

Potential positions include Customer Success Manager, Engagement Manager, Implementation Manager, Customer Support Representative, and Technical Account Manager.

Finance Jobs in Tech

Internal positions are also in demand at tech companies, and they need people who have a passion for working with financial data and interpreting how a business makes money. 

Professionals in finance enjoy gathering and analyzing complex information. Their intellectual curiosity fuels a desire for continuous improvement, and they are able to follow stringent financial procedures, rules, and laws. Roles in finance typically require the ability to work well individually or on a team, and to communicate effectively across a variety of departments.

Potential positions include Accountant, Financial Analyst, and Finance Manager.

HR & Office Administration Jobs in Tech

Do you have a passion for making sure the workplace is functional, comfortable, and efficient? You might want to consider an HR and office administration position at a tech company. With fast-growing companies, they need this role more than ever!

Human resources and office administration professionals support the company’s goals with various HR initiatives, and are comfortable handling sensitive information. Their strong communication skills means they are able to communicate well with members from various departments in the organization. They have compassion for others and a willingness to listen to others’ problems, and their high emotional intelligence allows them to resolve conflict. They are able to present a positive company image to potential job candidates and anyone who visits.

Potential positions include Human Resources Manager, Talent Recruiter, and Administrative Assistant. 

In addition to some of the technical positions we’ve already mentioned, there are a few other roles that are continuing to be in demand, including:

DevOps Engineers

Many companies are now looking for a DevOps engineers. This type of engineer is responsible for process development, scripting, and coding. Most engineers in this area are familiar with tools such as Linux, UNIX, Git, and Jenkins. Salaries can start at around $110,000 and can go up to about $150,000.

Cloud Architects

Other companies are looking for cloud architects. These are individuals who have a solid understanding of security, programming, and networking to help companies create a robust cloud network architecture.

Programming Analyst

There is also a need for programming analysts who are responsible for designing and coding new programs that make company operations easier. Programming analysts must have the ability to troubleshoot and debug information systems. They also have a deep knowledge of programming languages such as Java, C, and C+.

What tech jobs will be in demand 2023?

As we look ahead to 2022, there are several tech jobs that will be in demand. A few include: 

Data Analyst

This is a field that has exploded, with numerous companies looking for professional data analysts. A data analyst is responsible for helping companies maintain sets of data, analyze them quickly, and present actionable information that business leaders can use to quickly make decisions.

Cybersecurity Experts

Unfortunately, there are many people looking to carry out attacks on companies of all sizes. Therefore, cybersecurity experts are also in demand. Data breaches can be expensive, so companies are willing to pay experts a lot of money to prevent them from happening.

IT Support Specialists

IT is a necessary part of tech, and there are a lot of companies who are looking for IT support specialists to help their employees and customers debug basic computer and program issues. 

Data Specialists

Data is everything in the world of tech, and data specialists will continue to be high in demand. They help companies process data more efficiently and make decisions that impact the organization. They might also be responsible for taking information and translating it into programs that are easy to analyze. 

AI & Machine Learning Specialists

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, the tech world needs skilled engineers and specialists to build these systems. 

Highest Paying Tech Jobs 2023

The positions above might be in demand, but which ones will be the highest paying tech jobs in 2023? Here are a few tech jobs that will likely have the highest earning potential in 20232

Machine learning engineer, with salaries ranging from $120,000 to $180,000 per year

Most In-Demand Tech Jobs

We already know that the tech industry is a high demand industry, but the most in-demand jobs within that industry change all the time. Plus, while many positions within tech are high-paying, it is important to note that just because a job is in demand doesn’t necessarily mean it will pay a lot of money. In this case however, there is a lot of growth potential in terms of advancement as well as pay. 

Here is a list of the most in-demand tech jobs now and in the future: 

  • Blockchain developers
  • Cloud engineers
  • Computer systems analysts
  • Data analysts and scientists
  • Digital content specialists
  • Information security analyst
  • Machine learning engineers
  • Robotics engineers
  • Software developers
  • UX designers
  • Web developers

These are just a few of the jobs that will be in-demand in the future. As technology advances, there will likely be positions that haven’t even been created yet!

Tech Companies

It’s nice to look at the average salaries across the board, but what tech companies are paying the most? What else do they offer? 

Some of the highest paying tech companies from 2023 include:

  • Facebook (META), one of the biggest social media networks in the world, offers a median salary of $116,800 and reports a high job satisfaction rate.
  • Google, the ever-growing search giant, reports a median salary of $106,900. However, if an employee has more than 10 years of experience, the average salary increases to over $150,000. 
  • LinkedIn, the professional social media networking site, also comes in as one of the highest-paying tech companies with a median salary of $110,800. However, like Google, if an employee has more than 10 years of experience, the average salary increases to closer to $160,000.

Another benefit of working for top-paying organizations is that they usually offer remote options. Some other notable organizations that pay well are CrowdStrike and Fastly. Both also offer pay performance bonuses. 

Indiana has continued to grow and become the tech hub of the Midwest. As a result, we have attracted a lot of companies and talent. Here are some of the highest paying tech companies in Indiana

  • Anthem, a managed healthcare company
  • Appririo, hires IT professionals to help with enterprise crowdsourcing
  • Aearo Technologies, a materials manufacturing company

All of these companies in Indiana offer a great starting salary for technology professionals. As more and more Indiana tech companies continue to be funded, we anticipate more companies to be added to this list.

Best Tech Career Path for Advancement

So, what is the best tech career path? It all depends on what you enjoy and your skill set. The good news is that there are so many different paths you can take. 

The tech industry needs people who have skills in a variety of areas. If you are technically savvy, then the world of coding, analysis, design, infrastructure, and more are wide open to you. If you are a people person, you can consider a role in sales, HR, or customer service. If you enjoy promoting products and services, then marketing might be best for you. Ask yourself: what are you passionate about? What sounds interesting? 

The best part is that this world is wide open. If you’re not sure where to start or need some help, browse our Jobs in Tech 101. We’re here to help you find your perfect tech job! Explore Jobs in Tech to find your perfect match.