The Mira Awards — Indiana’s technology Oscars — are coming up the first weekend in May!  Here are some cool things to know about this year’s “Best of Tech in Indiana.”

  1. Nearly 2/3rds of the Nominees this year didn’t even exist as companies five years ago.
  2. Out of the 31 companies competing for the Tech, Emerging Tech and Startup of the Year awards, 13 posted triple digit growth last year.
  3. Three different companies posted quadruple-digit growth in 2014 — one as high as 5000 percent growth!
  4. The startups participating in the Mira Awards have created 78 jobs so far.
  5. There are 15 company founders, eight CEO/presidents, four CIOs, six VPs and a variety of other subject matter experts serving as judges this year.
  6. At age 17, MostBeastlyStudios CEO Brandon Boynton — a junior at Pendleton Heights High School — is the youngest person ever to participate in the Miras.
  7. Education Tech used to be a small category with very few entrants — a handful at most. This year we received 28 applications.
  8. This year’s Mira Awards theme is (drumroll … ) Masquerade!
  9. Early Bird and Under 30 discounted tickets are available ONLY until midnight this Friday, April 10th.
  10. Last year’s Mira Awards generated more than 200 million media impressions in print and digital media as well as on TV, which is exposure for the sponsors, nominees and winners worth $$$ millions in marketing value!

Get your tickets to the 2015 TechPoint Mira Awards.