Today’s world seems to be entirely dominated by technology. We can find it almost everywhere around us. Think for a moment about how much technology you usually need every day to work, study, or do your homework. It’s incredible how much technology we use every day, from transponder car keys to automated alarm systems, from computer-based technology to cloud services.

Technology And Everyday Life

As you can see, technology is an ever-evolving field and the latest development encourages us all to expect even quicker changes in this field. Thanks to the evolution of internet technology, we can actually buy things online in a minute, we can send payments and receive money, we can contact people and send real-time messages, or we can reserve a virtual poker seat at a live tournament on any digital casinos. This review of Pure Casino is just a little cherry on top of the cake that shows you how digital technology has been implementing the casino industry in the latest years. What would you expect to come next?

Also, technology is seriously affecting the way our kids learn at school. In fact, numerous schools in the world adopt tablets instead of paper books, and they also promote learning through playing games rather than classic-styled learning with books and notebooks.

It’s probably useless to mention that many people who play sports choose to use technology tools that measure blood pressure, heartbeats, and more body parameters while they do any physical activity.

These examples stand for letting you see the big presence of technology in our everyday life but we are sure that not everybody knows the following things.

Just Face It All – You Didn’t Know These Facts

You may think you are an expert technology amateur, one of those people who always knows everything about technology, even the newest things. We are sure you already know enough about internet technology, but what would you bet about the following facts? Take for sure that only a few people in the world can boast to know these facts about internet technology:

  1. Firefox isn’t a foxFirefox logo is a red panda
    Everyone tends to think that Mozilla Firefox’s logo is a fox. The browser’s name and color of its logo let everyone imagine it’s an actual fox, but the truth is that it’s a… red panda! You can find evidence on Firefox’s Live site which says that its logo is inspired by cuteness in the attempt to make the internet a great place for every user.
  2. Google and goats
    Is there any logical relationship between Google and goats? If you are about to answer this question “no”, take a break and go ahead: Google is encouraging an eco-friendly project and it rented goats to clean up the grass at the company’s headquarter. That’s a pretty original idea but it works perfectly!
  3. The QUERTY keyboard’s age
    Many computer users think that the QUERTY keyboard is a recent invention, more or less as recent as the first computers appeared in history. Well, if you believe this too, you’ll be probably shocked to know that the QWERTY keyboard exists since 1868 when it was invented by Christopher Sholes.
  4. Devices listening right now
    It’s not a piece of breaking news but we want to outline it again for everyone: your devices are listening to you all the time. In particular, if you have any Alexa or Siri device, expect to have your conversations and any other sound in your home or office caught by these systems. Both Alexa and Siri systems are designed to record voice orders, it’s easy to understand why they can listen to all vocals.
  5. The first mousefirst computer mouse
    If computer keyboards aren’t any recent invention, computer mouses can seriously be considered as a new addition as they first appeared in 1968 and were created 4 years before that. Do you really think the first mouses were made in plastic? Not at all, the first mouses were actually made of… wood! It’s not the typical material we are used to for technology items, but it seems that those wooden mouses worked well at that time.
  6. What’s the meaning of “spam”?
    We receive several spam emails every year. All we normally do is delete them all without even opening them. But have you ever wondered where the word “spam” comes from? This word came after the spam canned ham. How it came to be linked to the present-day meaning? It all started with a Monty Python sketch in 1970 when a lot of spam cans were sold. The word “spam” gained this way its actual meaning.

See if your friends already know these technology facts: they will find them simply amazing!