There are six more Indiana entrepreneur boot camps coming up before the year’s end, including one later this month covering stock options on August 27, at Katz, Sapper & Miller.

These special boot camps offer mentorship and education that can help you get your startup off the ground, give you expert insights into some of the trickier aspects of entrepreneurship, and connect you to valuable resources to help you reach your growth goals and objectives. Don’t worry, most of these boot camps won’t keep you away from your startup all day — all but one are two-hour or half-day sessions jam-packed with information from well-known, successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

This entrepreneur boot camp series is a joint effort by TechPoint and Launch Indiana SBDC — which includes Launch Fishers, the Indiana Small Business Development Center and the Office of Small Business & Entrepreneurship. You can sample previous boot camps by visiting Launch Indiana SBDC and checking out the video resources.

TechPoint’s traditional full-day entrepreneur boot camp will be held at Launch Fishers on October 10.

The upcoming entrepreneur boot camps Include:

August 27th — Employee Equity Compensation: How to Incentivize Your Employees Without Burning Through Cash
Learn about various types of equity compensation and related tax and financial impact.
Featured presenters from Katz, Sapper & Miller (KSM) and Ice Miller
KSM Conference Center (800 E. 96th St.), $10, REGISTER HERE

September 24th — Prevent Money Mistakes That Could Sink You or Your Startup
Featured presenter Peter Dunn
“Pete the Planner” is an author, radio host and TV personality who offers practical money advice for real people.
Launch Fishers, $10, REGISTER HERE

October 10th — TechPoint’s Full Day Entrepreneur Bootcamp
Featuring Bill Osterle and Scott Dorsey, plus tips from the experts at Ice Miller, Milestone Advisors, and Human Capital Concepts.
This full-day boot camp will cover a variety of essential startup topics geared toward early-stage startups.
Launch Fishers, $35 Early-Bird ($49 after September 10), REGISTER HERE

November 6 — Deliver Happiness to Your Customers
Special Lunch Event: Details Coming Soon
Presented by Innovation Connector
Innovation Connector (Muncie), $10, REGISTRATION COMING SOON

November 19th — How to Sell Like a Pro
Making that first sale is critical for every startup, but it doesn’t end there. Learn about best sales practices and pitfalls to avoid to keep your growing business growing.
Launch Fishers, $10, REGISTER HERE

December (Date TBD) — Best Practices: How NOT to Screw Up Your Startup
Some of the best lessons come from failure, but you can avoid failing by learning from the mistakes of others and doing things right the first time with your startup.

More about the August 27, Employee Equity Compensation boot camp: How to Incentivize Your Employees Without Burning Through Cash

Employee equity incentives can be critical for cash-strapped startups to attract talent, but they can be tricky to implement. If you saw the Smarter Remarketer guys a couple months ago at New Economy New Rules, you heard about the stock options challenges they had to get through before they could close their venture capital round.

The accounting and legal experts in this entrepreneur mini-boot camp will provide the critical intelligence and help steer you in the right direction. Katz, Sapper & Miller (KSM) tax and accounting experts and Ice Miller legal experts will help you answer questions like:

  1. What are stock options and when should I create a stock options pool?
  2. What is phantom stock and profits interest when should that be used as an alternative?
  3. Who typically gets stock options and how much?
  4. How do I go about creating a stock options pool?
  5. How do I value the stock options and when do I need to re-value them over time?
  6. Does it matter if my company is an LLC or a C corporation?
  7. When do I have to pay taxes?

Register now for the August 27, Employee Equity Compensation bootcamp and visit Launch Indiana SBDC and view the video resources for excellent information and tips from some of Indiana’s most successful entrepreneurs and startup mentors.