The integration of smart devices and the IoT (internet of things) is giving us perspective into certain areas of our lives that allow us to be more health conscious. Apple Watches and Fitbits help people stay more active and take control of their physical activity. Smart devices display how much time we spend on them so we can have a healthy relationship with screens. But when you think of people using technology to improve their lives, chances are you aren’t imagining someone over the age of 65.

With 10,000 people turning 65 years old each day and 90% of older adults wanting to live in their homes for as long as possible, creative and innovative uses of technology may be the answer for thousands of older adults and their families to live healthy, independent lives.

ASI Thrive, powered by ASI Security Solutions, is an Indiana company based in New Castle that is using their innovative monitoring technology to help change the everyday lives of seniors. Thrive is the first and only truly proactive and passive health monitoring system for older adults. It is a comprehensive solution that provides multiple layers of defense such as home security and fire safety, as well as sensors and detectors that provide awareness of health concerns before they become critical.

ASI Thrive Daily Sensor Activity Monitoring

Thrive enables aging loved ones to continue living at home with enhanced health and quality of life. It gives visibility into activity patterns and real-time custom activity notifications to alert family members if there is any unexpected activity or a sharp decline in activity. Caretakers can be aware of any changes in routine to stay ahead of health problems.

Because Thrive analyzes patterns, it can let you know if something is off. If Mom has stopped taking her morning walks you can see if her arthritis needs to be checked. Or if Dad has forgotten his medication again, you can take action before any ill-effects begin. Thrive’s insight into activity patterns supports loved ones preventatively before issues become new problems.

Some of the ways that Thrive can gather these insights are through features like:

  • Bed / chair pressure sensors
  • Alert buttons
  • Door sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass break detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

As a non-intrusive technology, Thrive is perfectly positioned to integrate into the lives of older adults and their families. The aging population is living longer and remaining in their homes longer, but that doesn’t come without chronic conditions and the costs associated with them. Most older adults and their families cannot afford traditional senior living options long-term and are looking for ways to simplify daily routines while ensuring that the senior’s health and wellness are monitored. Thrive provides the senior with the most independent life possible and offers peace of mind to their loved ones. It also takes the burden off loved ones or children of aging seniors who worry about the well-being of their parents when they’re not around.

“ASI Thrive is allowing your loved ones to continue living comfortably at home while giving you insight in their patterns and shifts in activity,” says Ron Anderson, owner of ASI Security Solutions. “It’s truly giving peace of mind for all involved.”

Those in Canada and other countries have already eagerly embraced Thrive and similar home health monitoring services in tandem with professional healthcare. Nursing homes, home care professionals, and other healthcare facilities are leveraging their employees more efficiently and providing better care by utilizing home health monitoring services like Thrive. This allows them to provide support to a much larger group of patients, coordinate care with the patient and their loved ones, and offer a centralized view of all patients.

The aging population and their caretakers have a lot of health and wellness options, but many of them are not viable. Options like a home health aide, assisted living facility, or nursing home can often be cost prohibitive, but ASI Thrive’s competitive cost is incredibly affordable compared to the annual cost of these other options. Thrive helps seniors keep their independence, allowing them to remain in their own home and offers reassurance to their loved ones.