WorkHere, a mobile app startup disrupting the job search and talent recruitment spaces, announced today that visionary computer scientist Brad Pillow has joined the WorkHere development team as senior architect.

Brad is well known for his role in creating the hardware and software that enabled digital video to be edited on personal computers in the 1980s and 1990s. He was co-founder of Truevision — an Indianapolis-based spinoff from AT&T EPICenter — which developed the raster graphics file format and the first computer graphics cards that made possible the kind of digital video editing on computers that is widespread today.

WorkHere is revolutionizing the job market for hourly, skilled and entry level workers by letting them see where jobs are located in relation to their homes, childcare, recreation and more. For employers, WorkHere helps them build a talent pipeline by making it easy for employers to engage with prospective employees who are seeking employment nearby their locations.

“Brad will be helping us architect WorkHere to become the go-to mobile app for finding jobs,” said Rick Wehrle, WorkHere development team leader and co-inventor of the first-ever Internet job board, which later became “Brad is one of a very small number of people that have created software that has changed an entire industry.”

Pillow has also served in various senior software development roles at Adobe Systems and has both a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. Brad has extensive knowledge and expertise in developing applications that incorporate extremely large scale data and mobile access.

According to WorkHere CEO Howard Bates, “Brad engaging and investing in WorkHere speaks to how ambitious and important the work we are doing at WorkHere is. It takes incredible vision and talent to create software products that truly change entire markets. We’ve now have four people on our team that have done exactly that.”

WorkHere is free for workers and is available for Android, Apple and Web devices.