More than 400 talent recruiters and other human resource professionals registered recently for a webinar hosted by Entelo, the San Francisco-born source-to-hire talent acceleration platform. The online forum promised answers to one of the most vexing questions before companies today: “How can I hire the right people if I can’t even find them?

Specifically, the webinar was designed to show those professionals how to discover underrepresented talent pools, re-engage previous applicants and why they should reach out to candidates early in their careers even if they don’t perfectly fit the positions currently in need of filling. Entelo powers the sourcing and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts of hundreds of innovative customers including a large portion of the Fortune 500. Those attending came from hundreds of companies spanning multiple states and countries encompassing various industries; an illustration of just how competitive the talent landscape is right now.

“After focusing on underrepresented talent pools, early in career talent and silver medalists, we added a bonus talent pool focused on the tech talent in Indiana,” said Andre Boulais, Entelo VP of Customer Success. “It was pretty cool to see the reaction to Indy, and it prompted a ton of interest in hiring folks from here.”

Among the data points Entelo showcased was central Indiana’s recent rankings as America’s No. 1 Most Affordable City (ARCH); No. 1 Best City for Remote Workers (Zippia); Best Cities to Launch a Career (LinkedIn); and 3rd Best City for Jobs (GlassDoor). The company also cited the fact that more than 250K college students are within three hours of Indy (TechPoint) and the median home price is under $175K (Zillow).

Andre Boulais
VP of Customer Success, Entelo
“When we told webinar attendees about the number of large tech companies that are looking at Indy and those that are adding jobs, moving their headquarters or adding offices here, it was an eye-opener.”

“When we told webinar attendees about the number of large tech companies that are looking at Indy and those that are adding jobs, moving their headquarters or adding offices here, it was an eye-opener,” Andre said.

While Entelo continues to hire globally, it also practices what it preached in the webinar in regards to Indiana being a tech talent hot spot. They have already hired six individuals in Indiana with several current openings such as director of sales, professional services training team lead, lead product designer and enterprise customer success manager. 

Entelo didn’t discover Indiana’s treasure chest of talent by accident. Andre was familiar with central Indiana’s rich tech ecosystem because prior to joining Entelo, he started the Jobvite Indianapolis office. He based it out of Launch Fishers and was a senior leader who helped grow that company’s Indianapolis presence to more than 100 employees and also helped in the decision for the San Mateo, Calif.-based company to relocate its headquarters to Indianapolis.

Andre was Entelo’s first Indiana hire and the company has seen a more than 500% increase in hires based out of Indiana.

“Central Indiana is the perfect spot for us because it gives us easy access to every region in the country, but it’s also full of talent at every level and we hope to leverage all that Indiana offers as we aggressively grow both our domestic and international customer base,” Andre said.

The webinar also gave Entelo a chance to showcase its talent pool insights product, which lets the company analyze talent in every region or company around the world. That tool is essential in today’s highly competitive talent recruitment market as companies around the world are more comfortable with employees working remotely regardless of whether they’re in the shadow of the corporate headquarters or around the world.

“Smart recruiters know that top talent isn’t limited to Silicon Valley,” Andre said. “More and more, places like Indiana are popping up on the radar because of your concentration on retaining the college students who flock here because of your universities and on retraining others for jobs in tech.”

Register for Entelo’s upcoming webinar featuring Amazon’s Kevin Walters.

Entelo is hosting another webinar Thursday, October 28. It will focus on Data-Driven Diversity Sourcing and will feature Kevin Walters, DEI and Sourcing leader from Amazon.  Register here: