When Eleven Fifty Academy first opened its doors in 2014, our mission was to bridge the growing technology skills gap in Indiana by providing immersive training for coders of all skill levels. From introductory coding bootcamps to multi-tiered, advanced learning programs, we offer a variety of courses at subsidized rates. However, unlike many other coding academies, Eleven Fifty operates as a nonprofit. In order to continue to offer low cost programs to our students, as well as to maintain our nonprofit status, it was vital that we formed key partnerships with community organizations to obtain funding.

In doing so, we partnered with Indy Women in Tech, JPMorgan Chase and the Indianapolis Chapter of Society for Information Management. When searching for funding partners, we didn’t just want money; we wanted scholarship dollars to lower the barrier of entry for students. Moreover, we sought grants that held a level of accountability with students, such as our performance-based scholarships.

With the generous support of these partners, we were able to procure $330,000 in funding which will allow us to further expand our program and attract more students to the academy. These grants will also help us to attract and retain a diverse student body, fulfilling one of the Academy’s core values of diversity. At Eleven Fifty, we believe in fostering a culture where uniqueness of beliefs, backgrounds, talents, capabilities and ways of living are leveraged.

We’re most proud of the dollars brought to the table that will attract students and further develop innovation and we’re honored to receive these generous grants from organizations that truly understand the skills gap we’re experiencing throughout the state. Since inception, we’ve graduated more than 200 students with a 91 percent placement rate, and we can’t wait to leverage these grants to impact a new generation of students and provide critical financial assistance.

Along with this funding announcement, Eleven Fifty has many exciting new opportunities in store for the community. The academy is currently offering a number of WordPress bootcamps for professionals and students alike to enroll in, ranging from two-day courses to full six-week programs. Those interested in enrolling can redeem this special discount code for registration: wp-techpoint.

About the Author

John Qualls is the President of Eleven Fifty Academy. John has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in high tech and finance sectors. Additionally, while serving in the USMC, his core responsibilities were programming and training. As of the start of 2018, John has served as the President for three years.