Tim Harvey could probably live anywhere and work for any number of companies.

In his three-plus decades as a finance professional, he’s been in leadership roles at Veritas Software and Silicon Graphics (Mountain View, Calif.), WebEx (Santa Clara, Calif.), IBM (North Tarrytown, NY), Deloitte Haskins and Sells (New York City), and since 2008 in Indianapolis at Scale Computing, Penn Street Advisors and Angie’s List. He recently accepted a position with WebEx founder Subrah Iyar and former colleagues Stanley Huang and Eric Boserup as Chief Financial Officer of Cupertino, Calif.-based Moxtra.

Advised he could work from wherever he wanted, he chose Indianapolis.

Tim Harvey
CFO of Moxtra
“We’ve lived a lot of places, and there are beautiful areas on the coasts. But Indianapolis is simply a great place to be. It’s a capital city, so it has size and there’s always a lot going on, but it’s manageable. And it’s really exciting for someone like me because there is a lot of tech innovation and all sorts of startups percolating. We’re at the base of a really big wave here.”

Tim is a person with deep experience in growing tech companies. Despite spending a lot of time in the thin air of C-suites across the country, he’s so down-to-earth, the New Yorker could easily be confused for a native Hoosier. He’s a big hockey fan (youth travel coach and beer league player.) Word on the street is that he has never declined to give a charitable contribution when asked.

He’s also seriously skilled in the art of corporate finance and helping build businesses. Most recently at Scale Computing, where he was CFO, he helped raise more than $80M in venture funding, including $50M in equity capital that enabled the business to grow seven-fold. He was also CFO of Angie’s List as it began to plan to go public and was vice president of planning for WebEx Communications, through the pre- and post-acquisition periods with Cisco ($3.2B). He was senior director of finance and investor relations at Veritas Software when it was acquired by Symantec for $13.5B. He’s even dabbled in venture capital investing.

Why Moxtra Chose to Expand in Indy

Moxtra’s CEO Subrah Iyar said his interest in potentially growing a presence in Indianapolis wasn’t solely based on Tim’s love of Indiana’s full range of seasons and amateur hockey.

“Indianapolis makes great business sense for us,” he said. “The proximity to world class universities and your deep well of martech talent are attractive to us. We know Tim will run a great finance and operations shop, but we also know Moxtra will have access to all the skill sets we need today and for the future.”

Moxtra’s OneStop Client Portal solution modernizes the way a business interacts with clients. It helps businesses fast-track the flow of business by streamlining and managing such interactions. The OneStop experience offers convenience for clients and provides organizations with complete visibility and control over client engagement workflows. In addition to its Cupertino HQ, Moxtra has offices in London, New York, Amsterdam, Bengaluru, Shanghai and Singapore. It’s recently been named one of the World’s Most Innovative Tech Solution Providers in the 2021 WealthTech100 list and the  “Best Digital Banking Solution Provider” at the 2020 Banking Tech Awards.

“One of the big advantages we have at Moxtra is, because of what we do, we can be thoughtful and deliberate about where we locate our operations,” Harvey said, citing Moxtra’s global presence. “We can also deploy additional teams to serve North America in areas where it makes sense, which to me says Indianapolis.”  

He’s currently looking for small office space for about 10 sales development reps and a  finance team of about five people to begin. He expects that to grow over time. Moxtra will be interviewing to fill Indianapolis positions in early September. Among them are sales, finance, general and administrative roles.

Eric Boserup, Moxtra’s Head of Global Sales, said he’s looking forward  to having part of his global team based in Indianapolis.

“I’ve heard great things about Indy talent,” he said. “We are excited to have a Hoosier contingent contribute to the business.”

Becoming a Hoosier by Choice

Lured to Indiana by Angie’s List in 2008, Tim was initially surprised at the sense of community he found in Indianapolis and quickly became a champion of his adopted city. He was a Red Carpet Experience host, helping lure ex pat tech workers back to Indiana and he’s voluntarily recruited East Coast students to TechPoint’s Xtern program, which he considers a key selling point for the tech sector. “That’s a terrific program, with really high caliber people from the students to company hosts to the TechPoint team,” he said.

He continually champions the idea of cross promotion, and in typical Tim Harvey fashion, for deliberate, rational reasons.

“I love it when Indy tech people are exposed to other tech communities because it broadens their experience, but it also cross-exposes our tech sector to others and grows Indiana’s reputation as a really great place for tech growth and opportunity,” he said. “We have historically had a real mis-match of capital investment sources versus our innovation output. There have been some positive developments more recently, but consistently showing the Coasts what we have here is part of addressing that imbalance.”

Opportunities to leave Indianapolis are always there for someone like Tim.

 “Career moves might have been ‘easier’ in the Silicon Valley,” he says with a laugh. “But we have a real opportunity to build something here. That’s exciting. And that’s what makes it fun, right?”