Businesses in Indiana and throughout the world are evolving in how they interact with their customers, partners, and suppliers. A couple of decades ago, fax machines represented the cutting edge in communications technology.  Today, a business wouldn’t be able to survive relying only on faxes and landline phones to stay in touch with their stakeholders.

One of the most fundamental changes we see among our customers is mobilization. Businesses are finding new markets and becoming more nimble by conducting more work outside the office. For example, sellers can use applications on a tablet to easily order products for their customers on the spot. As a result, the customers are happier and the sellers can move on to the next job instead of going back to the office.

Businesses must change their IT processes in order to mobilize.  They need to put handsets, tablets, software, and networks in the hands of their employees. They also need to move applications to the cloud so workers can access data and tools from wherever they’re working. To do this, however, businesses need fast data speeds, for uploads and downloads.

Traditional Internet services, such as cable and DSL, tend to have high download speeds but slower upload speeds. Fiber Internet services, on the other hand, are fast in both directions. But it has been historically more expensive than cable and DSL. Fortunately, a new U-verse High Speed Internet Service — AT&T Business Fiber — is now available to many Indianapolis businesses.

The new service provides businesses operating in AT&T Fiber Ready Buildings with these fast-in-both-directions Internet speeds. It offers upload and download speeds up to 300 megabits per second initially, with future plans to offer speeds up to 1 gigabit per second.

Do businesses really need speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second?  Just few years ago, we wouldn’t have believed that most of us would be lost without a smartphone.  Today, quick access to information isn’t a privilege, it’s an expectation.

Data use across mobile and wireline networks is growing exponentially, and businesses need the right infrastructure to stay ahead of the curve.  Personally, I’m excited that our customers can take advantage of the investments we’ve made in new technologies to the benefit of companies both small and large.

Companies using AT&T Business Fiber can:

  • Upload and download large data files and images;
  • Share large files with employees or customers in other locations;
  • Upload edits to company websites;
  • Back up data remotely in the cloud at one or multiple locations; and
  • Video conference with suppliers, business partners and customers.

We think this is a game changer for Indianapolis businesses in AT&T Fiber Ready Buildings.

In addition to Indianapolis, the new high-speed Internet service is available in Atlanta, Austin, Texas; Chicago; Cleveland; Dallas; Detroit; Fort Worth, Texas; Houston; Indianapolis; Kansas City, Kan; Kansas City, Mo.; Los Angeles; Miami; New Orleans; Orlando, Fla.; Sacramento, Calif.; San Antonio; San Francisco; San Jose, Calif; San Diego and St. Louis.

We plan to expand the availability of AT&T Business Fiber in additional Indiana communities in the months ahead.

For more information about AT&T Business Fiber or to find out if your building is fiber-ready, contact Chad Kerr ( AT&T Regional Sales Manager.