In 2016, Indianapolis joined New York and London as a city home to one of Salesforce’s regional headquarters — unprecedented news including a $40 million investment from the San Francisco-based tech giant. Renovations are already underway at Salesforce Tower (111 Monument Circle), which will be emblazoned with the Salesforce logo soon, and 800 new jobs will be created bringing the company’s total local employment to 2,400.

With more than 30 offices worldwide, Salesforce had options; the company could have built a new Salesforce Tower anywhere. “Our investment in Indiana is possible because of the positive business climate created by current and past leaders, access to amazing talent created by our leading universities, and a vibrant, innovative culture,” said Scott McCorkle, who was president of Salesforce Marketing Cloud at the time of the announcement.

The positive business climate, amazing talent and vibrant, innovative culture McCorkle spoke of are advantages now recognized across the country as Indianapolis (and Indiana) continues to rank at the top of the “Best Lists” compiled by national publications and research organizations.


Rising Tech Cities (That Aren’t San Francisco Or Austin)


mu30_logo_green_500px-png-640x360_q85from Money Under 30

Indianapolis is a visual gem of the midwest. It’s full of beautiful architecture and has plenty of trails and parks for the outdoor enthusiast.

But what about those looking for a tech culture? Believe it or not, you’ll find it in Indy. Indianapolis is home to over 150 tech companies, including Salesforce, Angie’s List, and Mobi. An organization called TechPoint is also headquartered here. Their mission is to promote and accelerate the growth of Indiana’s tech community through various programs and initiatives. This type of group will ensure that there are tech companies and jobs in Indianapolis for the foreseeable future. READ MORE

America’s Best Cities For Mid-Career Professionals In 2016 — No. 2

forbeslogofrom Fobes

“There’s only one New York. There’s only one San Francisco,” says Mike Huber, CEO of the Indy Chamber. “But in Indy you can experience most of the things you would experience in any other major city—but with a lower cost of living, the ability to live closer to work, and much greater ability to bike or walk to work.” READ MORE

The Best Cities for Women in Tech — No. 5

fc-fb-icon_bigfrom Fast Company

On the flip side, there are cities where the gender gap narrows for both pay and positions. In Indianapolis, Kansas City, Missouri, and Detroit, women are paid slightly more than men in the same tech jobs, and in Washington, D.C., women make up just over 40% of the tech workforce. READ MORE

Best Cities for Young Professionals — No. 10

forbeslogofrom Forbes

New grads–as well as young professionals only a few years out of school–would be wise to consider carefully where to start their careers. To find out which cities offer the best overall prospects for college-educated workers with five years of experience or less, we crunched data on job growth, unemployment rates, pay and cost of living in America’s largest 100 metro areas. The result is our 2016 list of The 20 Best Cities For Young Professionals. READ MORE

The 10 Cities that are Secretly Great for Tech Grads — No. 2

datafoxfrom DataFox

Indianapolis offers a vibrant community that’s affordable with an entry-level tech salary. The city stands out for two reasons: its low cost of living, and the quality of its business’ leadership. Indianapolis’ startups have the strong management to develop young talent, and the influence to provide introductions for second and third jobs out of college. The city is fully committed to developing talent, supporting initiatives like the Global Cities Exchange and Plan 2020. With a less congested atmosphere than New York or San Francisco, an ambitious graduate can catch the eye of a mentor who can accelerate her career. Indianapolis offers learning opportunities and clear growth paths for people entering its growing tech scene. READ MORE


Cities for College Graduate Jobs — No. 2

fox59from Fox59

A recent survey placed Indianapolis near the top of the list across the nation when it comes to job prospects and affordability for recent college graduates. The report by and lists Indianapolis just behind Pittsburgh but way ahead of other traditional graduate magnet cities such as San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Job options, affordable rent and a community of similarly-educated college graduates pushed Indianapolis to the number two position in the survey. READ MORE

Indy ranks fifth in tech job growth

ibjlogofrom Indianapolis Business Journal

Indianapolis saw tech jobs grow nearly 30 percent between 2013 and 2015, according to a new report from real estate tracking firm CBRE, the fifth-highest rank among the 30 cities surveyed.

In the firm’s annual “Tech Thirty Report”—which is based on U.S. Department of Labor statistics and the firm’s proprietary research—the tech labor pool in the metropolitan area expanded by 27.9 percent, or 5,423 jobs, over that two-year span, accounting for just over one-third of new office jobs. READ MORE

Best market for first-time home buyers — No. 1


forbeslogofrom Forbes

Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Chicago rank among the nation’sbest markets for first-time home buyers, according to an analysis from Zillow.

“First-time buyers in these markets won’t have to deal with as many bidding wars or runaway prices; they’ll be able to find a first home that fits their needs with less stress,” says Svenja Gudell, Zillow’s chief economist. READ MORE

25 Cities Where Your Paycheck Goes the Furthest — No. 5

forbeslogofrom Forbes

Which major cities are providing employees with the most favorable combination of wages and cost of living?

To determine this list, job search and salary comparison site Glassdoorconsidered cost of living as determined by the ratio of median base salary to median metro home value. Median annual base salary for each metro is based on a minimum of 1,000 salary reports shared by employees in that metro on Glassdoor over the past year, April to April. Median home value is based on the March 2016 Zillow Home Value Index for All Homes. READ MORE

10 Cities with the Best Cellular Connectivity in the US — No. 2

tr-logo-largefrom TechRepublic

Indianapolis ranks #2 overall, with a weighted average score of 98.2. Home of TechPoint, Rook Security, CloudOne, and Mesh Systems, as well as a popular conference locale, Indianapolis also ranks #2 in reliability, #4 in speed, #3 in data, #5 in calls, and #6 in texting. READ MORE

America’s Favorite Cities List — No. 17


travelleisure_logofrom Travel + Leisure

The Midwestern city impressed readers by offering an affordable getaway and a welcoming place for sports fans, whether you are rooting for pro teams and  college ball, or just exploring the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame. But it also ranked well for more cerebral museums: check out the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, the Indianapolis Museum of Art and even the lobby of the Conrad Hotel, whose collection includes Warhol and Picasso. Ironically, one of the city’s most mediocre scores was related to its locals, who rate as underachieving drivers themselves. READ MORE