On September 1, nearly 1,000 attendees will convene at the Indy Big Data Conference — the “tipping point” where big data lies today. Big data has already revolutionized the decision-making process, but as new products and technologies are cultivated daily, the question asked by the Indy Big Data Conference is “How will we thrive in an increasingly connected world?” 

The conference advisory committee of 9 local and national experts represents business and data analytics across multiple industries, and led to the creation of a robust agenda with topics and speakers that are relative to today’s world of big data.

Presentations will touch on:

  • How to visualize, prepare for, and unleash the value of big data
  • Creating a winning culture and environment built around big data
  • Solutions for keeping big data safe and preventing hackers
  • How big companies like Google and Eli Lilly and Company use big data
  • The role that big data plays in industries like healthcare and emergency services among others.

Click here for a full list of topics to be covered.

This year’s keynote speaker is Valentino Tereshko, big data technical program manager for the Google Cloud Platform, who will discuss how Google Cloud is shaping the next wave of big data technologies. Prior to joining Google, Tereshko launched his career as a trader and quant developer at an options trading firm in Chicago, and later joined startups in the fields of streaming big data, cloud monitoring and financial analytics. At Google, Tereshko focuses on product management and internal and external growth and awareness of Google’s fully-managed Big Data Services – BigQuery, Dataflow, PubSub, Bigtable, and Dataproc.

Valentino Tereshko_Circle

Valentino TereshkoBig Data Technical Program Manager

“When it comes to the big data space specifically, Google has always had great focus on analytics. Our motto of Google is ‘We want to organize all of the world’s data and make better use of that data’ so it is our core competency to understand analytics and understand data.” Tereshko says.

Other speakers include:

  • Mike Meadows, CTO, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Vipin Gopal, PH.D., EVP, Clinical Analytics, Humana
  • Dewand Neely, CIO, State of Indiana
  • Bino John, Computational Biology Group Leader, DOW Agrosciences
  • Titus Schleyer, Research Scientist, Regenstrief Institute, Inc
  • Alex Holden, Founder and CISO, Hold Security
  • David Matusoff, Executive, Intersection of Technology, State of Indiana
  • Michael S. King, President, Data Analytics Solutions, LHP Engineering Solutions
  • Todd G. Vare, Trial and Appellate Lawyer, Barnes & Thornburg, LLP
  • Christine Kawiecki, Sales Executive, Life Sciences, Explorys – An IBM Company
  • Tom Arkins, Chief of IT and Informatics, Indianapolis EMS
  • Guy Peri, Chief Data Officer, P&G
  • Joe Hogsett, Mayor of Indianapolis

Learn more about this impressive roster of speakers here.

Tereshko feels that all companies can benefit from a conference such as this, even if they do not view themselves as a big data or technology company. “The way the economy is shaping up going forward, every company is slowing becoming a technology company. Innovation on the technological front is becoming more and more important, and a lot of companies are growing their technological expertise in innovation.”

Tereshko speaks highly of Indiana in regards to the big data world. “We see Indiana as a hub of companies and startups that are doing really interesting things with technology. We want to share with these innovators what Google has been doing in the big data space and in the cloud space to help them innovigate.”

This year’s conference will also feature the first Indy Big Data Career Expo aimed at students wanting to get their start in big data. Participating organizations such as skillDEMAND, the Indiana University Data Science program, PRM Analytics, and Salesforce will be accepting resumes and holding conversations on-site with potential candidates.

The Indy Big Data Conference offers a discount for students wishing to attend the conference and career expo. Interested students should email register@indybigdata.com to receive the special student-discount promo code.

Early bird registration for the 2016 Indy Big Data conference is now open. Click here to secure your tickets and join attendees and presenters at the tipping point of where big data lies today.