Growing up in Crown Point, Indiana, Indy Tech Fellow Alex Correa explored his passion for learning and understanding how things worked. “Computers were of course the most magical of things,” he said. Combined with a love for digital media and entertainment, he dove into technology and everything it offered to a curious mind.

He followed that passion into college, where he pursued a degree in computer science at Butler University. “I have always loved technology, and computer science was one of the few majors I knew of that would teach me how it worked from the bottom up. I was also able to study it while simultaneously studying pharmacy.”

While in school, he learned about the Xtern program, powered by TechPointX. The Xtern program provides an internship experience to college students interested in tech as a career, and Alex found much alignment with the program’s objectives. He spent his time in the Xtern program at Angie’s List as a Product Analyst. During his ten weeks as an Xtern, he worked within Angie’s List’s technology stack while also learning about operating in a professional environment. “Within Xtern, I learned more about the basics of business operations and what it means to work for a publicly traded company, as well as a pool of inspiring and knowledgeable mentors,” Alex said.

Through exposure in Xtern, Alex found out about the Indy Tech Fellowship program and saw an opportunity to unite passion and profession in a new light. “As an Xtern, I heard rumblings of a two-year post grad program that may spin out of TechPoint. As a TechPointX talent alumnus, I was fortunate enough to be at the forefront of information as the program came to fruition and made certain to follow the program as applications went live and the opportunity presented itself.”

Early into his experience with the Tech Fellowship, a spot on TechPoint’s talent team opened up. Having seen firsthand the benefits those talent programs provide to students seeking careers in tech, he pursued this new role. He has since settled into his position as Program Experience Manager, serving as a part of the talent team that creates the programs that changed the course of his life. From recruiting new talent to join a TechPointX program to curating their experiences and capturing vital data, Alex gets to excite, engage and support students who are just like he was. “I’m very interested in having the ability to identify individuals with high potential and help redefine what they are capable of,” he said.

Top (Left-Right): MIKE HOCKERMAN, MARWAN NAKHALEH, & Alex. Bottom (Left-Right): Mateusz Kosciuk & Alex. Left and Right: Alex

Within the Tech Fellowship, Alex found an opportunity to challenge himself to grow as a contributor to our tech ecosystem. As he helps TechPointX program participants have a thought-provoking and wonderful experience, he’s also practicing more of the business skills he learned as an Xtern. The network of Tech Fellows has added him to a group of like-minded peers where he can share what he’s learned with other young tech-focused individuals.

He’s also discovered more about how he can create value in a workplace and be confident in what he produces. “In the past two years, the greatest professional strides I’ve made have been in the quality of my work product,” Alex said. “While I’ve always felt confident in interpersonal relationships and communication, I often needed the validation of my superiors and peers to confidently move forward. As I’ve succeeded and been challenged within the Indy Tech Fellowship, I’ve built confidence in the ideas and products that I deliver. Rather than needing validation to continue or share, I find myself empowered to make decisions and give feedback that I believe contributes to a higher quality of product.”

When not in the office, Alex likes to take advantage of all that’s happening in Indy. Though he went to Butler and already had a good grasp of the city entering the Tech Fellowship, he still found plenty more new and exciting things to explore, including home ownership. “Being in Indianapolis, I’ve found myself fortunate enough to afford a home in the Fountain Square neighborhood and now understand all of the rules my parents had on our homes growing up,” Alex said. “The last thing I want to do every day is clean the floor so it’s shoes off the moment I walk in the door!” He also explores many of the local shops and restaurants that contribute to Indy’s vibrant community.

When the Tech Fellowship concludes in May, Alex plans to remain in Indy and contribute to the tech ecosystem with TechPoint. His time in the program more deeply connected him to the city and all the opportunities available to him. “The Tech Fellowship has afforded me an opportunity to begin a life in Indianapolis. I get the chance to help individuals in the community and build innovative solutions to unique problems.”