Indiana’s Tech Companies List — the interactive directory found here — is a great new resource that makes it easier to find, buy from, and invest in Indiana tech companies!

“The List,” as we’ve been calling it, is organized into broad tech categories like Big Data/Analytics, Cloud/Hosting, E-Commerce, Education, Transportation, Ag Tech, Financial, Business Productivity Software, Communications, Healthcare, Drone/UAV, Marketing/Sales, Security, and App Development, just to name a few. There’s even a category for Beer Technology!

You can filter The List by category and location using a simplified drop down tool, and if you already know who or what you’re looking for, you can also search by keyword.

TechPoint created the Indiana Tech Companies List because our tech ecosystem needed one! We do a lot of things to help Indiana’s high-potential tech companies scale-up and grow — it’s kind of our niche.

How will The List be promoted?

In addition to being promoted on our platform, we’re going to be advertising The List to help Indiana tech companies with customer acquisition, and it will be a central part of our outreach to VCs, angels and others who are looking for fast-growing companies to invest in.

The List will also be a powerful recruiting tool for companies looking to hire top tech talent from all over. As the Indiana Tech Companies List becomes more and more well-known and shared, it will certainly be easier for computer-skilled workers looking for jobs to find great opportunities with companies here in Indiana. The SEO credibility and search advantages that come with creating The List should also help with recruiting.

How do companies make it on The List?

The List is comprised of companies with a salable product or service that were Mira Award nominees in recent years–meaning that out of nearly 500 applications in recent years, these have been selected by the independent judges for second round interviews. The point was not to catalog all tech-related companies in Indiana but to provide a curated list of our most successful and promising companies that we could elevate to prospective customers, employees, investors, and media.

In addition, as a thank you, we’ve included a few service providers who provide material financial support to TechPoint so that we can afford to provide services like this for Indiana’s tech ecosystem. We encourage everybody to support the companies and institutions that support TechPoint. If there was ever a good example of the rising tide lifting all ships, this one is it!

What’s Next?

If you are a company listed on the Indiana tech Companies List, please double check all of the information that we have for you on your listing. Simply use the Update Company Info link located beneath the map on your listing to access the easy update form.

Be sure and tell everybody you made The List! Link to it from your own site and share it on social media!

We expect the Indiana Tech Companies List to be a wonderful resource and a highly effective tool for the community. Please help us spread the word.


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