Lev, a marketing technology consultancy that provides implementation, strategy, and support for companies that use Salesforce products, has moved its headquarters from Arizona to Indianapolis. The company made the move official and unveiled plans this week to hire an additional 70 people in 2019. To celebrate, Lev hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony that was attended by Mayor Joe Hogsett, who took the opportunity to issue a proclamation declaring Feb. 19, 2019, “Lev Day.”

If the Lev team has anything to say about it, future February 19ths will also be “Lev Day,” although the company’s unlimited PTO policy may mean future celebrations could happen both on and off-site.

Lev currently has more than 120 employees across the country, 70 of whom are located in central Indiana. A diverse, highly-skilled pool of candidates and rapidly growing tech landscape were two of the many factors that led to the company’s decision to move its headquarters to Indianapolis.

“I am proud to be the mayor of the city that Lev calls its headquarters,” Hogsett said, adding that he often likes to say that every day in Indianapolis is a good day, “But today is a very, very good day.”

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett speaks during Lev’s HQ opening ceremony.

Lev (formerly known as Levementum) has grown its Indy presence quickly since CEO Michael Burton became the first Indy-based Lev employee in 2016, working out of a Broad Ripple flower shop.

In his address to the gathered team and community members, Burton made a point to clarify that despite his backstory, “I am not and have never been, a florist.”  He thanked the assembled team for their contributions, noted company successes already in the books and said he was confident there is much more success to come.

“We’re just scratching the surface,” he said.

Over the course of that year, Lev brought on a small local staff, secured space at a coworking studio and signed over 100 new clients. Lev’s focus is on supporting companies implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, whose Indiana presence has its origins in the ExactTarget acquisition in 2013. This acquisition created the second-largest Salesforce employee footprint in the country and offered ample opportunity for Lev to quickly scale its Indy-based business.

In February 2017, Lev capitalized on its momentum by announcing its plans to create up to 175 new jobs by 2021. The company worked with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to move forward on $3.3 million in potential performance-based tax credits and up to $200,000 in training grants to support their job growth plans. The company moved into a large office space in the Union 525 to accommodate their growing workforce.

As the company kept beating its growth projections, it attracted more investor interest. Lev closed a $4 million funding round in March 2018 to enable the company to scale even faster. In May of that year, Burton took the reins as CEO of Lev and stayed in Indy to further expand the company’s local reach. The company also rebranded from Levementum to Lev in June 2018. Not long after that came the announcement that Lev’s workforce had grown to the point where more space was needed. The company would move to the Regions building, across the street from Salesforce Tower.

That proximity is important, Burton said. “It’s great for us to be right across the street and be able to work closely together,” he said.

Burton also credited local universities and programs like the Orr Fellowship and TechPoint as key to delivering great talent necessary to Lev’s continued success.

The company’s excellence in Indianapolis has been recognized with Mira Award nominations in 2018 and 2019, reflecting its effort in becoming part of the Indiana tech ecosystem.

After moving between five Indy locations, Lev’s office space in the Regions building will serve as the company’s national headquarters. “It’s exciting to finally move into our long-term Indy home and continue to fulfill our promise to add up to 175 jobs in Indianapolis,” said Burton.

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