After a decade or so of big data disruption across all industries, the excuses for failing to properly apply technologies and extract meaning from those ever-growing databases are falling flat with management. Especially since a tremendous amount of money is being spent on IT annually, yet the right information still doesn’t reach the right people at the right time.

Leaders including CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and others are now well aware of big data’s ability to boost revenue, engage customers and drive product development, and they expect valuable business intelligence and key performance indicators to be the outcomes of their investments in tech and IT infrastructures. If you’re still delivering excuses instead of results driven by technology, you’re risking your career on a problem that does have a solution.


Moser Consulting — the Indianapolis-based data technology consulting firm named to CIO Review magazine’s 100 Most Promising Big Data Providers and CIO Story magazine’s 50 Most Powerful BIGDATA Vendor list — helps its clients securely apply technology to big data and other business challenges in ways that weren’t previously possible, and in ways that separate them from their competition.

Moser Consulting promotes a work-life balance with generous vacation allowances, wellness incentives, catered lunches and more. Pictured above: employees volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in Indianapolis and the KidsPeace 5K in Baltimore.

Moser Consulting’s expertise in big data is complemented by its three other primary services:

  1. Big Data — expertise and platforms consisting of tools, methods and approaches that make sense of big data.
  2. Managed Services — outsourced IT services focused on reducing risk and increasing performance.
  3. IT Consulting Services — advice on the right technologies and management, implementation, deployment and administration of systems.
  4. Web Development — custom development that offers an exceptional user experience and seamless integration.

Though I’m unable to reveal the names of these clients, (you wouldn’t want your tech secrets broadcast either), Moser Consulting’s founders Ty and Paula Moser along with Marketing Director Malinda Lowder recently walked me through several case studies whereby they changed the face of their clients’ businesses through big data consulting. Here are two typical examples.

CLIENT A — Self-Service Business Intelligence

A manufacturing company owned a wealth of data, yet with current systems and methodologies it would take a year of processing to access 1% of their data. Using a big data solution on a small cluster, within a week the Moser team provided access and storage capability to the entire data in storage. The company is now able to process half a million records in half an hour. Without big data technology that project would have taken 100 years.

This completed project opened up several avenues that the client had not previously been able to explore, gave them the ability for self-service business intelligence, and is saving them millions of dollars through greater insight into their business.

CLIENT B — Fraud Detection and Prevention

An existing fraud detection system for a government agency was underperforming, and retention of data was limited to only a few months. Moser architected and implemented a fraud detection system for the business, which allows for the pre- and post-pay analysis of claims. In augmenting and improving upon the system that was in place, years of data became available, allowing for more comprehensive analytics. This model stops the payment before it’s made, thus saving time, as well as close to $1.5 billion on payout and recovery of funds.

Founded by Ty and Paula Moser in 1996, Moser Consulting employs 150 people in Indianapolis and 50 in Baltimore.

Something very different about Moser Consulting is that they don’t specialize in any one technology. They work with Oracle, Google, Hadoop, Hortonworks, Cloudera and a host of other leading technologies and platforms (hundreds, in fact), but they aren’t resellers and they don’t force clients to use specific brands. They assess the needs and choose the technologies that make the most sense for their clients.

The target market for Moser is in the 1,000+ employees and $100 million in revenue, Fortune 1000 range. However, Moser sometimes chooses to work with smaller organizations to solve their unique challenges, and then grow with their business. Deal sizes are usually in the $50,000+ to several hundred thousand dollars range, but some client engagements include a team of 50 people and contracts in the millions of dollars.

According to Co-founder and President Ty Moser, about 40 percent of the work Moser Consulting does for new clients is cleaning up the messes left by others.

Ty Moser

Ty MoserCo-founder & President

“I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone in after another company and had to work very hard to gain the trust of the client because they’d already spent thousands or tens of thousands or in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars and gotten burned by someone who didn’t have their best interests at heart,” said Ty.

“We not only have to be great but very affordable to prove our value. Fortunately, we have the people necessary to be both great and affordable to our clients.”

The company has doubled in size over the past two years to 150 employees in Indianapolis and 50 employees in the Baltimore office, which opened in 2013. It’s a key growth indicator for Moser because the consultant/client relationship is what drives the company. Moser spends more than $5,000 per employee per year on training.

“The personal success of each consultant determines the success of our entire company, so we put a lot of resources into offering them development and training opportunities,” said Ty. “We hire the very best consultants and then we treat them like family and let them do what they do best without getting in their way.”

From company picnics to wellness programs and more, Moser’s culture has earned the company numerous awards and a 98% employee retention rate.

From company picnics to wellness programs and more, Moser’s culture has earned the company numerous awards and a 98% employee retention rate.
From company picnics to wellness programs and more, Moser’s culture has earned the company numerous awards and a 98% employee retention rate.

Moser has a 90 percent customer retention rate and a 98 percent consultant retention rate, which explains the aforementioned industry awards and accolades for being a great place to work with an outstanding company culture. They were a runner-up for Company Culture of the Year in TechPoint’s best-of-tech Mira Awards this year, and they were honored by IndyStar Top Workplaces and the Indy Chamber’s Best Places to Work in Indiana. Moser has also won similar workplace awards in Baltimore including overall 2014 Top Workplace for Employee Appreciation.

With an average, double-digit growth rate of 20 percent over the past five years, Moser recently built a new stand-alone, state-of-the-art headquarters in Indianapolis. They are currently hiring for technology consultants and business development and sales positions.