For six years now, we’ve been celebrating our tech doers and makers, movers and shakers as nominated by their own management teams. This year, TechPoint is once again partnering with the Indianapolis Business Journal to host the Tech 25 Awards and CTO of the Year Awards, taking place on August 19.

NOMINATE NOW, applications will close on June 5.

Now is the time to nominate that awesome person in operations at your organization who has gone above and beyond, or that stellar team member leading product design or sales and marketing. Use this opportunity to highlight the exceptional performers helping to grow our community’s tech and tech-enabled companies, but perhaps don’t get celebrated publicly as often as they deserve.

Looking for a little inspiration as you craft that nomination?
Check out what past winners have said about being honored by their community and their leadership:

“Winning the Tech25 Award is a complete honor and accomplishment. It’s an incredible feeling to be selected and nominated on this level by my leadership team and has given me so much more confidence in my abilities, growth, and influence. The 2019 class blew me away by their contributions, and to be recognized as their peer validated to me that I’m exactly on the right career path and making the kind of impact I want to with my work, the company, and through leading and volunteering. It’s pushed me to continue to excel not only at SmarterHQ but in this amazing Indy community.” — Molly Horstmann, Marketing Communications Director at SmarterHQ

“It was such an honor to be recognized by my team at Codelicious, previous Tech 25 winners, and the Indy tech community in general. Tech 25 is an incredible way to say thank you to those on your team who consistently hit the mark, but aren’t in the spotlight. There are so many people doing amazing things in this community, which made being selected even more special!” — Emily Williams, Senior Director of Operations at Codelicious

“It is already an incredible privilege to be a part of this growing city and to be recognized alongside so many individuals whom I admire and respect was a wonderful honor. I’m humbled with this opportunity to serve Indianapolis businesses with my skills and talents, and I’m excited to see this next class of leaders celebrated for the work they’re doing to make Indy the best place to live and work.” — Jon Moore, Principal Design Partner at Innovatemap

“Indy has a vibrant tech community, and it’s an honor to be acknowledged alongside my peers. Being recognized as a software engineer at a law firm has helped to create visibility for the importance of tech enablement for businesses and organizations. In Indy, people often automatically associate tech with MarTech companies or SaaS companies, but digital transformation is having an impact on ALL businesses in Indy.” — Lori Boyer, Software Engineer at Barnes & Thornburg, Communications Director at Women & Hi Tech

“Being included in the 2016 Tech 25 class was an incredible, unexpected honor. It was also validation that my hybrid role, with both marketing and human resources responsibilities, has a place in the tech community. In start-ups where I’ve made my career, it’s easy to grow quickly and focus on dev, marketing, and 10x sales…sometimes at the expense of prudent HR policy and employee engagement. However, in recent years and now in the midst of the pandemic, shining a spotlight on all types of positions within the tech community–including those that champion the employee as the heart of any organization–has become critical.” — Jessica Stephenson, VP of Marketing and Talent at ExactHire

“My Tech25 Award helped cement my personal and professional belief that a can-do attitude gets noticed! I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to everyone both at Sharpen and around Indy about what I do and how I do it, both at work and volunteering. Developing my role has helped me discover room to grow professionally. My Tech25 Award has also given me a great selling point when I am trying to convince others to come join our vibrant tech economy in Indy–look how many people are working to grow what Indianapolis has to offer! My city has long been a point of pride for me, and it was awesome to feel recognized for my tiny part in it all.” — Meg Richmond, Technical Writer at Sharpen

“Being a recipient of the Tech25 Award has helped our organization receive recognition for the wonderful work that we do as a tech company but also within the community. The Tech25 Award was a contribution to the success of the entire Kronos team in Indianapolis and the great work that the team does to ensure that we are a great place to work.  We believe at Kronos that every employee deserves a great manager, and the Tech25 award helps reinforce those values that we have as an organization.” — Doug Ding, Practice Director at Kronos

“I’m humbled and honored to be one of the Tech 25 Winners. It feels incredible to be recognized by the community even as a non-­C-­suite contributor. TechPoint has built a wonderful community in which “All for one, One for all” mentality exists. I’m super grateful to be a part of TechPoint’s talent programs, started from Xtern, Indy TechFellowship, now Tech25. Without TechPoint, I simply wouldn’t be working here in Indy. Those programs have helped me to build powerful professional and personal connections.” — Luke Zhang, Data Scientist at DemandJump

In addition to being star performers and committed team players, Tech 25 nominees should also be excellent community contributors. The main factors the judges will be looking for include: professional contributions, energy and attitude, and community commitment. A panel of independent judges, including past winners, will review applications and select the 2020 honorees.

Help us continue to build a thringing, and representative tech ecosystem by nominating a star player on your team today—applications close, June 5.