This year’s nominations are due, Friday, June 11

Seven years ago, TechPoint created the Tech 25 Awards for one simplified reason—to recognize the people who are helping to strengthen and grow our community’s tech and tech-enabled companies, as well as the community itself.

These critical and exceptional performers are highly valued by their employers, but they seldom get celebrated publicly because they are not the CEO or other top executives from the recognized C-suite.

The Tech 25 Awards highlight individual contributors representing a wide range of roles within tech companies, such as software developers, financial analysts, marketing directors, and product managers. There are three main role categories, reinforcing the core roles that building products and building revenue play:

  • Tech Product/R&D
  • Tech Sales and Marketing
  • Tech Professional Services

In addition to being star performers and committed team players, nominees are also excellent community contributors. The main criteria the judges look for are: professional contributions, energy and attitude, and community commitment.

It’s also the seventh year for Indianapolis Business Journal’s CTO of the Year Awards and the third year that TechPoint is joining forces with IBJ to host both awards ceremonies during the same event on August 19, at the Indiana Roof Ballroom.

Career highlights stay with Tech 25 honorees

We reached out to past Tech 25 winners to get a sense of what being recognized has meant to them and their careers. Here are three honorees who shared their experiences.

Jessica Stephenson, Vice President, Marketing

Tech 25 was one of the first hands-on experiences I had with TechPoint and the work that Indianapolis is doing to become a premier, progressive tech ecosystem. Having worked for a small software company for many years, it was through following TechPoint via the Mira Awards, the Index newsletters, keeping tabs on VC activity with other startups and scaleups and then through the Tech 25 Awards that I understood the breadth of what our community is activating to create opportunities in tech for so many. When I was in the class back in 2016, I wouldn’t have anticipated eventually being a part of the TechPoint team … but here I am now! It’s been an exciting ride and it feels so right to be on a mission to positively impact others and especially in this season of my life.

Dan Gross, Vice President, Revenue Operations & Partnerships

Tech 25 to me was an affirmation that all the time, efforts and focus that I bring on a daily basis are having a positive impact on those around me. These are people that I have an abundance of respect for, including my mentors and teammates, and for them to take their time to recognize my contribution to our Company and their professional careers—it makes you smile.

Luke Zhang, Senior Data Scientist

I cannot express how grateful I am to win the Tech 25 Award in 2019. As a foreign kid who came to the United States to chase the American dream, getting recognized by the Indy Tech community shows that it’s possible to establish a great career here in the Midwest. There are tons of wonderful opportunities here with a community that cares. Winning Tech 25 has encouraged me to work harder during my day job and to give back to the Indy community more during my free time. All for one, one for all.

There’s still time to nominate someone from your team

Nominations for both TechPoint’s Tech 25 Awards and IBJ’s CTO of the Year are due this Friday, June 11. While you may need to collect some information, the forms are fairly brief and easy to complete. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of these awards programs that have proven to be a couple of the most meaningful and motivating events we’ve seen in our community!

Visit these links to nominate for Tech 25 or nominate for CTO of the Year.