It’s been a little over a month since the 22nd annual TechPoint Mira Awards gala, and as I reflect on how we produced the last two virtually, I feel compelled (out of pride) to acknowledge the great work of our production partners who truly helped us transform these overwhelming challenges into memorable and successful celebrations of the tech community.

The Mira Awards stands as the state’s largest and longest-running awards program recognizing technology excellence and innovation in Indiana. Being a nominee and actually winning one of the coveted Mira Awards is the ideal. These are the achievements and discoveries we choose to lift up as a community and encourage more of from our peers and colleagues.

When the pandemic hit Indiana, we were at about the midpoint in the process of planning and executing on the 21st annual gala, and since it had been an in-person, black-tie and gown, ballroom production for more than two decades, we leaned on the creativity and innovative approaches of several key production partners to deliver the virtual experiences that have become recognized models for how to produce the best, most engaging virtual events.

TechPoint, quite simply, could not have pulled off the past two Mira Awards gala events without the guidance and support of our dedicated and trusted production partners.

The 2021 Mira Awards production partners include:

Markey’s Rental and Staging

Markey’s Rental and Staging was the world leader in helping their clients produce in-person events prior to the pandemic. Today, they are known as one of the preeminent virtual, hybrid and in-person event production shops.

Yes, they provided stage sets, lighting, sound, video playback, video recording and stage production (teleprompter and other professional services) for the Mira Awards gala, but it was the months of weekly meetings and brainstorming with TechPoint staff that stands out as the MVP service that had the biggest impact on the success of the past two virtual galas. They also built the custom Mira Awards landing page that housed all of the digital assets for the gala in one place.

From the drama of the giant LED wall to the unnoticed, but essential, small touches to the show flow, Markey’s and its talented employees helped deliver the energy and excitement of an in-person event through the screen in new and innovative ways.


PAETHOS created the videos played during the Mira Awards gala. From the spectacular opening video sequences to the category introductions and nominee recognition videos, and from the striking glass award rotator video to the touching Trailblazer tribute video to Justin Christian, PAETHOS’ Tanner Halbig provided top-notch creative direction and execution that set the tone for the gala, delivered everything we asked for, and provided many elements we didn’t know we needed!

The creativity and expert editing provided by PAETHOS for the opening video makes this tech community celebration a great watch.

Sapphire Strategy

Sapphire Strategy once again did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of TechPoint and the Mira Awards brand in both printed and digital materials for the gala, including the printed program, many of the goodies delivered in the sponsor boxes, the on-screen slides and more.

Check out the 2021 Mira Awards souvenir program.

One of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of the Mira Awards every year is designing and producing the event program with all of the logos and nominee descriptions, as well as the sponsor ads. It’s a bear of a project that is a critical part of many events, but often overlooked as an opportunity to shine. Sapphire Strategy, however, has turned the annual event program into an unexpected (and super cool-looking) souvenir for nominees, sponsors and their families to hang on to and display with pride.


As you may have already read in a TechPoint Index story published just before the Mira Awards gala, we partnered with GANGGANG to find great artists who aren’t just great at what they do, but who are actively working to improve the social and professional environment for people in marginalized communities. These artists and performers added a level of connection to the broader community and underlying cause of raising up all individuals. TechPoint CEO Mike Langelllier said, “We must all continue to actively work to ensure full inclusion and equity so everyone in our big tech family can rise to their full potential.”


Tactive, which you may recall changed its name from Print Resources last year, printed the aforementioned beautiful event program, but it is the one-of-a-kind sponsor boxes that will likely have the most lasting impact on people familiar with the Mira Awards gala from the past two years.

If copying is the most sincere form of flattery, then Tactive should be tremendously flattered as we noticed numerous event-connected guest boxes popping up locally and nationally following the ground-breaking work Tactive did for the first virtual Mira Awards gala last year. It’s even better knowing that at least some of them came from new business generated by the publicity they received as a Mira Awards production partner!

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EDITOR’S NOTE: TechPoint and Mira Awards-related logos, badges, images, videos and photos are available for use by awards program participants only. All other uses are upon request.